Gallus Detox Explains How Detoxification can be Made Easy

The Gallus Detox Method starts with the goal of a successful medical detoxification in a safe, medically monitored environment. The use of IV therapy is necessary in most cases for safety and to relieve painful withdrawal symptoms. IV Therapy Detox can be a critical piece of our detox treatment in cases when we need the ability to increase, decrease or change medications on a moment’s notice to ensure you are safe and comfortable.
In a treatment center specializing in detox, the process is monitored by licensed and experienced doctors who evaluate the medical condition of the patient before administering any treatment.

Possibly the most frightening part of considering addiction recovery therapy is the prospect of detoxification.  There are old images from movies that depict the pain and physical trauma of detox in such a way that it is seen as one of the worst traumas possible, and seems almost more difficult than continuing to manage an addiction.  In fact, some addicts fear that detox will either not be effective for them, or will be more than their bodies can physically handle.

A certified and well-respected addiction recovery facility will address the concept of detox head-on.  There are modern chemicals and medications that will allow the recovering patient to get through detox without some of the horrible side effects people used to endure. Once the doctors have formulated a treatment plan, it is not uncommon for IV Therapy Detox to be a part of the program. This platform allows the medical staff to quickly adjust medication flow to the patient to maintain comfort and stability throughout the detox process.  Whereas, the old fashion methods required orally administered drugs to take effect, newer medical protocols allow the treatment professionals to monitor and manage the detox process without putting the patient into a state of agony.

The detox process should only be undertaken in a monitored medical facility where the patient can be completely comfortable.  The trauma imposed by a botched or ineffective detox can be life long, as can the benefits of a successful detox experience.  There should be soothing and comfortable surroundings in a private area for the patient to feel completely secure and comfortable.  During the detox process, medical personnel should be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in order to make sure that a detox patient’s rapidly fluctuating body signals are interpreted correctly.

During the detox process, there are often additional therapies that can enhance the primary platform.  For instance, yoga and meditation are often helpful to patients in gaining internal balance during this stressful time.  Vitamins, massage, exercise and other cooperative treatments can be helpful to some recovery patients, but these are not primary therapies.  The physical toll of the detox process of addiction recovery can be significant, even life threatening, if there is not a medical professional overseeing the process of detoxification.

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