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The image of a recovery program can be very sterile and demanding in some peoples’ minds, full of shame and an uncomfortable industrialized environment.
Finding a recovery program that is too limiting, not flexible enough or just wrong for the individual is not the solution.

The image of a recovery program can be very sterile and demanding in some peoples’ minds, full of shame and an uncomfortable industrialized environment. The idea of sitting in an impersonal warehouse environment and experiencing group therapy is not appealing to someone who is already facing the idea of recovering from a very physically intense, mental and emotional disorder.

For people seeking recovery services, it’s important to know that the vision described above is not what someone will find in the best recovery programs. Instead, they will find a warm environment where they will benefit from many different individuals and receive personal attention.  A client will have sessions with a private therapist who will help address issues that are fundamental to emotional and mental health, and will form the basis for a lifelong recovery.  A client will have individualized medical care and treatment for the physical ailments that can accompany addiction, and may have been part of their life for an extended period of time. A client will also experience a small community of supportive and friendly patients like themselves, and will develop relationships that will continue to help successfully recover even once they are done with the program.

A client’s days won’t be filled sitting around a room aimlessly staring at a wall, either.  An excellent recovery program offers training in life skills that will help grow, and develop alternatives to addiction.  A client can expect to encounter equine therapy, experiential therapies, and motivational interviewing that are all aspects of a recovery program they can depend upon.  For those addicts who have lost hope in recovery because they have tried a twelve step program before with limited or no success, there are recovery programs that specialize in non-twelve step approaches.  There is no one road to recovery, and what seems like a guaranteed win for the client may not turn out to be the right path a few weeks in.  The client is going to need to find a recovery program where they feel comfortable with the staff and the general values and requirements of the patient, but where they can be as flexible with themselves as their treatment team can be with them.  In other words, during recovery there is a lot of self-discovery and the opportunity for the patient to make change throughout his life.


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