Cold Creek Behavioral Health Reveals The Financial Struggle of Addiction and Treatments for Recovery

Addiction treatment in Utah through Cold Creek Wellness Center consists of a comprehensive range of programs. Addiction is a complex disease characterized by severe and often uncontrollable drug seeking and drug use that persists despite severe physiological, social, economic and legal consequences. Even though the initial act of taking drugs or alcohol is a conscious choice, after repeated use, brain function is altered and addiction takes over.
An addict is a master organizer, a genius about justification, and a stellar sales person. Drugs and alcohol significantly affect the neural pathways that control motivation, reward, memory, learning and impulse control.

The most determined and aware client is the addict himself, and the ability to consistently sell addiction as a benefit, or a measure to how debilitating substance improves quality of life, or simply an acceptable mode of thinking and behavior, is a skill-set that the most talented hedge fund sales team would love to harness.  The truth is, the sales job that an addict performs is just as questionable as any other sales position.  The motivation of the sales person, just like any other person trying to persuade, must be taken into account, and an addict’s motivations come from long-held and often buried emotional and mental wounds.

There are situations in which the addict is a prominent member of the community with a high-paying and respected career position, with a family depending on both his status and income, which justifies the continuation of addictive behavior patterns because, frankly, the money that would have to be spent for rehab isn’t worth it.  Rehabilitation from an addiction can be costly, both with time and money.  The social, political, and career risks to admitting that there might be a problem are incalculable.  Rather, they are calculable – in some situations, this approach can cost a person their job and way of life.  Dependent family members will suffer. This thought truth of addiction can, unfortunately, serve as a justification that allows the addict to postpone treatment or dismiss the idea of recovery all together.

However high the costs of recovery, there are higher costs to continued addiction.  The loss of the ability to function in a job or in a family, the loss of trust and respect and the loss of self-control are all aspects of addiction’s high toll.  It is not uncommon for addiction to cost the addict their life, but it is more tragic when addiction costs the life of a family member or friend.

In today’s environment, it is easier than ever to structure a flexible, private, and confidential treatment program.  Social circles need not know about the troubles facing the addict.  Depending on the employer – employee relationship, there may not even be a need to disclose the treatment plan to the employer.  When an addiction treatment patient is able to leverage insurance, which most high-quality addiction treatment programs accept, there is no financial barrier to undertaking therapeutic treatment for addiction. Substance abuse and addictive behavior cycles are drains on the patient’s resources, and developing the skills therapy can give will only create more prosperity.


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