Lawyers Explain How Children’s Rights are Protected through a Professional Attorney

It can actually spiral quite fast into the question of a child’s rights. Cases that typically involve children are; custody battles, child protection, access to children, estates and trusts concerned with inheritance matters.
A child is a very important part of the family and during disputes; more often than not, they are the ones who get hurt the most. Most divorces have a way of tearing children apart. Children feel like they are being forced to choose between their mother and father. In many ways this causes emotional damage to a child and can be regarded as child abuse in extreme cases.

Services of a Professional Lawyer Regarding Children Rights Cases

Professional lawyers are trained to handle such matters with expertise. As mentioned earlier, cases concerning the rights of a child can involve a number of areas. These areas are explored below.

Child Protection

A court process known as a Protection Case can be initiated when a child is at risk or is already suffering any one of the following; abuse, harm or even neglect. Suppose a child’s life or well-being is in potential danger, a professional lawyer can help secure immediate protection, with the authority of the court. Depending on the nature of the case, the child will be placed under the care of one parent, a relative, or guardian. The situation may also be temporary or permanent depending on the logistics of the case. That is not all; the lawyer will also help arrange for constant or occasional supervision of the child while under said care.

Custody Cases and Access to the Child

These kinds of cases involve parents of the child. Finding a professional lawyer to represent the child is a smart decision because divorce proceedings are never just between the parents. It affects the child or children too. Therefore, a lawyer will not only represent the wishes of the child but also appoint a qualified clinician or psychologist to assess the child and write a report to be used in court.

Civil Cases

A professional lawyer can step in where a child wants to sue in a civil case. They may also come in where a child is being sued. This is because a child, not having reached the age of majority, cannot sue or be sued in their name. Usually referred to as a Litigation guardian, the lawyer will speak on behalf of the child.

Inheritance, Estates and Trusts

A professional lawyer will ensure that the child gets the best outcome and given what is rightfully theirs in matters concerning trusts and inheritance of assets or estates.


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