The Procedure to Maintain the Electric Scooter Fosjoas

Unlike bicycle, the electric scooter is a type of bike equipped with a motor. Besides, the riding of electric scooter also needs the battery as power. So the maintenance of Fosjoas, the electric scooter, is extremely important since the proper maintenance can prolong the service time of both engine and battery. The procedure of maintenance is quite different from the general bicycles.

The self-balancing electric scooter must be kept away from the dust since dust may affect the work of battery. Besides, the scooter should also be kept away from water since water is the energy of electricity, too much water may cause the damage of battery. Besides, the electric scooter can be covered if it is not in use to prevent the dust effectively and easily.

If the electric scooter is dirty on the surface and needs to be cleaned, the soap with water can clean it quickly and effectively. The soap used must be a mild one. Any coarse soap could damage the paint on the Fosjoas. The detergent used must be mild for the sake of maintaining the outward look of Fosjoas. Use a good brush and the soapy mixture to remove dirt. Do not leave the part cleaned to dry naturally, use a good amount of water to rinse it off. If the scooter dries it naturally without the procedure of washing, the surface will leave patches of soap which looks ugly and may damage the surface since soap is alkaline. No use of steel brush, if the paint of Fosjoas falls off, the material will be aging in a fast speed.

When riding the electric scooter, riders must be careful to avoid gravels and ponding. Gravels will be stuck in the gap between fenders and tyre which may abrade both fenders and tyre. While the ponding will damage the motor which does not work immediately. It takes a lot of time and money to repair motor or change tyre and fenders. As a result, users should be careful and avoid the gravels and ponding.

The most important thing is to keep safety of both riders and electric scooters. It is fundamental thing to keep Fosjoas in a good condition. With proper maintenance and careful riding, Fosjoas can accompany the rider on the way.

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