Hachiko Launches Revolutionary Smart Dog Collar Sensor and App

Hachiko is a sensor that simply attaches to any harness or collar and measures a dog’s activity using Bluetooth technology that connects to an iPhone 5 phone or higher.

For most of us, pets are part of the family – only furrier and fluffier than the relatives we’re used to. More than half of all American households share their home with at least one cat or dog, and the pet dog population alone is more than 71 million. Today, dog parents are more determined than ever to provide fur babies with a happy and healthy life. The launch of Hachiko’s revolutionary Smart Collar Sensor and Mobile App will help owners stay connected to their canine companions and monitor their activity and overall wellbeing each and every day.

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Ever wonder what your dog’s really thinking? Are you ever tempted to ask how their day was while you were at work? Hachiko is on a mission to give dogs a voice. This innovative company has created an effective way for dogs to communicate with owners thanks to this new smart collar technology.

Hachiko is a sensor that simply attaches to any harness or collar and measures a dog’s activity using Bluetooth technology that connects to an iPhone 5 phone or higher. Made of tough polycarbonate plastic shell, Hachiko is 100% waterproof and has a 12-month battery life. There’s no need for owners to remove and recharge. Retailing for only $39.99, the sensors are available in a variety of fun bright colors and pet parents can choose a Hachiko that best fits their dog’s style and personality.

A big concern for many dog owners is leaving their pooch behind during a typical workday or when traveling. Pet parents want to be sure the pet sitter is giving Fido the proper care they deserve. Hachiko allows users to invite caregivers and followers to share information regarding the dog’s activity while away.

Owners will receive direct messages from their dog, which will inform them on when they were cared for, by whom, and what activities they did throughout the day.

Hachiko allows pet parents to coordinate their dog’s care with multiple caregivers, which helps them to worry less. With the app users can monitor how much food, water and treats were given to Fido, as well as log their their health and medication. Perfect for making sure your pooch isn’t overeating! Other features include tracking live walks when synched with the mobile app, viewing highlights of the day on the daily news feed, and crowning the caregiver who has taken care of Fido the most, “Hero Of The Day.” With Hachiko, pet parents can coordinate with all caregivers to make sure their pup never misses a walk, a feeding, or is not getting too many treats.

“Our overall goal is to help loving pet owners understand their dog better and become more responsible,” expresses Co-Founder and CEO, Hod Fleishman, “Hachiko’s unique technology is a successful but fun way to track your dog’s activity, while connecting with others to make sure all caregivers are on the same page. It’s simple to use and will benefit your dog’s health, happiness and wellness greatly!”

Being a good dog parent isn’t always easy but Hachiko is here to help. Users have the ability to set goals in attempt to achieve a “perfect day” of exercise and activity. Hachiko will give all pet parents peace of mind to know their beloved dog is well cared for and is happy as can be.

About Hachiko:

The smart sensor for your dog- connect like never before to monitor and track their activity and behavior. Hachiko was established in 2014 and has headquarters in New York, NY and Tel-Aviv, IL. Previously the company participated in the Coca Cola Bridge Program and was a member of the AOL Nautilus Program. The company had a soft launch in May 2015 in NYC, and already has users across all continents including, USA, UK, Italy, Taiwan, Mexico, Israel and Australia.

Hachiko has received investments from a number of funds and individuals including: AOL, BetaWorks and Metamorphic Ventures.

For more information, visit: http://www.hachiko.me/

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