Central Florida Woman Entrepreneur Submits App to iOS App Store

UpDog is a video review and check-in mobile application for consumers, businesses, events and locations worldwide.
Central Florida female entrepreneur bootstraps app from idea through development, submits to iOS app store.

Central Florida has struggled to become a hub for technology-based start-ups. Strengthened by its growing tech community, entrepreneurial vibe, and institutional giants Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and EA Sports, to name a few, the Orlando community lags behind San Fransisco, New York City, and Chicago. It’s been compared to Austin, Texas which has thriving technology and entrepreneurial communities, however the middle of Florida still isn’t on many investors radars. Central Florida’s Bree Goldstein did not let the lack of formal infrastructure and dearth of investor awareness stop her from bootstrapping the development of a mobile application, called UpDog.

“I saw an opportunity in the market and I decided to create a solution,” states Goldstein, whose background includes founding a successful public relations agency and teaching internet marketing in the University of Central Florida’s College of Business. Goldstein started with an idea, and saw it through development to app store submission. 

During the past few years, great controversy has surrounded Yelp, a widely-used review-based website, which has left consumers confused about what to trust and small businesses fighting for honest reviews. This unrest in the digital world created an opportunity for a new platform to “level the playing field” for consumers and businesses. UpDog, which boasts of unfiltered reviews, is poised to become the next essential digital resource for reviewing and engaging with local organizations, checking-in and sharing experiences. 

UpDog, Yelp’s newest threat, puts the power back in the hands of consumers. To prevent fake accounts and fake reviews, users have to log-in with Facebook and must be within a specific vicinity to review an organization. Business owners and employees video responses are public, which means no more hiding behind emails or false-names. This holds consumers and organizations accountable, which increases the credibility and authenticity of reviews. 

Named the No. 1 most investable start-up on LifeHack.org, UpDog’s future looks promising. “It’s time businesses and consumers have a review platform they can trust, and use seamlessly with their favorite social networks. We are excited about the app going live, and hope consumers and businesses around the world embrace it as much as our beta testers have,” stated Goldstein. 

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