Statistics explain Obesity’s Toll on the Population of America are the leading cause of death and diseases

People who suffer from obesity are at a higher risk of sudden death than those who are underweight.
Obesity causes 18% of deaths of American citizens. According to researcher, 1 out of every 5 Americans die from ailments caused by obesity.

According to Ryan Masters, the researcher and author at the American health center, “Obesity is thought to be responsible for the growing number of deaths in America, and has the probability of reducing life quality and expectancy in the U.S.”

According to the health report of 2013, 40 million children from ages 5 to 7 were either obese or overweight. Where initially it was considered as a high-income country issue, obesity has now become readily common in the middle and low-income countries, mostly in the urban settings. In developing states, the percentage of people suffering from obesity is 30% higher than that of the developed states.  People who suffer from obesity are at a higher risk of sudden death than those who are underweight.

What causes obesity?

The basic cause of obesity is energy imbalance between calories expended and calories consumed. Universally:

• An increased intake of low energy food with more fats.

• Lack of physical activity due to the changing nature of work, transportation modes, and increasing urbanization.

• Changes in people’s eating pattern.

• Environmental and social changes i.e. increased intake of processed food, distribution of food, and changes in urban planning, are the causes of obesity.

Eating patterns and lack of physical activity is the most common cause of obesity.

Despite the increasing awareness concerning obesity, it’s one of the fastest growing diseases in society. Where medical complexities can be solved through medical solutions, obesity must be controlled through changes in behavioral patterns. Convincing people of that is way more difficult than having them take a pill.

Different food companies can play a significant role by:

• Reducing sugar, fat, and preservatives.

• Ensuring that diversity and high energy food products are advertised and encouraged.

• Ensuring the availability of food details.

Creating a greater awareness about how lifestyles need to be modified is required to prevent children and adults from the life-threatening curse of obesity. No medical approach can be as effective as physical activity and appropriate eating patterns. Researchers state that 30 minutes of intense physical activity daily can increase the life expectancy by 8 years and reduce the chances of Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart-related ailments.

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