Startup Renegade Innovations Aims to Change the Way the World Views Exercise

Renegade Innovations, LLC has brought a new product to Kickstarter that allows users to exercise almost anywhere.

Renegade Innovations, LLC has brought a new product to Kickstarter that allows users to exercise almost anywhere. Their new creation, the Sidekick is a portable all-in-one exercise training platform. Simple, elegant, and effective, this product offers a complete workout on-the-go.

Training on-the-go

Renegade Innovations founder, Matt Carter, an advocate of the mobile fitness movement originally invented the patent pending Sidekick to balance his demanding exercise schedule and his professional goals:

“As a career-oriented competitive athlete, I needed a way to stay fit and sharp while I was on the road. I didn’t always have the luxury of the gym… I wanted a way to do any workout, anywhere, anytime but I couldn’t quite find a product that could suit my on-the-go workout needs so I set out to make it.”

The Sidekick is a multipurpose training product that can be be transformed to a variety of different configurations to provide a remarkably customizable, convenient, and complete workout. For cardio, users can use it to jump rope, “a time tested classic when it comes to endurance training.” The product can also be used to perform a plethora of bodyweight strength training exercises with the help of an overhead anchor point – such as a sturdy tree, doorway or staircase.

“We wanted provide a means for improvised exercise,” Carter remarks. “recognizing the need to make fitness convenient. With our product, users can get a full workout in on the road, at home, and in all their favorite places without having to go out of their way to make it to the gym.”

When asked about what drives him to commercialize his invention, Carter responds:

“The Sidekick was conceived out of the desire for fitness freedom. We want to change the way the world thinks about exercise. I refuse to accept the notion that we have to choose between our careers and workout goals. I want both, and I think others might too. Why not? In a day and age where we can surf the internet whenever, wherever, and however we want, why can’t the same be true for the way we exercise? We’re taking the leap to make that idea a reality.”


The company has set out to raise $12,500 on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, to purchase production equipment and safety testing to bring their technology to market. If you want to learn more about their mission to “create a world where exercise is an opportunity, and not an inconvenience” and how to reserve a Sidekick of your own, you can visit the project online:

About Renegade Innovations

Renegade Innovations, LLC was founded in 2014 by Matthew Carter in San Diego, CA. Before the Sidekick, Carter worked in product development in the medical device industry. He leveraged his academic background as an exercise scientist and his athletic experience as a competitive international and collegiate water polo player when designing the Sidekick, their debut product.

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