Articollectiva Worldwide Inaugurates with Art & Culture Exhibit in Miami’s Wynwood Art District

MIAMI, FL – Sep 1, 2015 – On Friday, September 4th at 7pm Articollectiva will have its inaugural exhibit in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. The event will be taking place at Viophilia located at 164 NW 20th Street, Miami. The name of the exhibit is Collective Relevance: Figuring Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites. This will be a curated exhibit, and as Articollectiva’s tagline “The visualization of experience. Essential to the joys of life.” Different art endeavors and mediums will come together bringing art to the masses – meant for everyopne to enjoy and participate in. Its purpose is to show art and the most pure human endeavor where our inherent creative geniuses are allowed to shine and communicate with others in their own time and space. 

Emerging artists such as Clever & Defiant, GusColors, Ivette Cabrera, Ivette Ortiz, Jorge Basso, Patricia Basiliades Lovay, Manuel Alam Jr. and Snow Black will be exhibiting. This will include Assemblages & mixed media, drawings, painting, and poetry. Manuel Alam Jr. will be discussing in an open forum his association with Ifa. 

Articollectiva is meant to bring the cultures and art of the world together to be appreciated, experienced, and collected by all. Miami has been chosen due to its vibrant art community, its growth as a city, and how this very culture has helped it become so vibrant. This is an invitation to all regardless of gender, age, or language. The barriers of exclusivity in the art world are what Articollectiva looks to open – inviting all to enter, experience, and enjoy. 

About Articollectiva

Articollectiva was created to showcase art in all its forms to the world. We curate and create pop-up, impromptu exhibits around the world showcasing the most avant-garde, thought-provoking, and beautiful work from emerging artists of all pedigrees. We work with paintings, drawings, spoken word, and move beyond those parameters too. We believe art is an expression where intellect, creativity, and imagination come together and materialize into communication.


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