The Benefits of an All-In-One Online Nutritional Consulting Program

Adequate nutrition extends far beyond basic eating habits. While eating is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle, an individual can only achieve their desired results if they strike a balance between proper eating and exercise.
Today’s modern adult lives a busy lifestyle and doesn’t always have the time to read a long list of ingredients found on the packaging of the food they are eating. Instead, an increasing number of adults are turning to nutritional consulting programs to help them cut dangerous foods out of their diet and to help them eat healthy.

Whole Life Balance has developed a new online nutritional consulting program that offers several methods of assessment that are capable of helping you create a meal plan that is applicable to your schedule.

Whole Life Balance’s Nutritional Consulting Program

The average nutritional consulting program requires an individual to come in for a physical meeting, sit down and discuss the individual’s current nutrition, any nutritional goals they have, and to return to discuss the results after they have been analyzed.

Whole Life Balance is working hard to make the process more approachable. Our interactive program has innovated the way nutritional consulting programs function. Applicants fill out a 60 minute questionnaire which asks general and advanced nutritional questions. Using the data provided, a client is issued a personalized nutritional assessment package. The results will detail areas of strength and weakness, any vitamin deficiencies you may have, and a list of recommended food items and lifestyle tweaks an individual can take to improve their overall health. If a client requires a more in-depth and personal approach to nutritional consulting, we offer personal interviews and allow our clients to speak to our nutritional counsellors.

Adequate nutrition extends far beyond basic eating habits. While eating is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle, an individual can only achieve their desired results if they strike a balance between proper eating and exercise. Our nutritional consulting programs offer follow-up appointments, fitness classes like aerial yoga, pilates, Skype fitness sessions, and much more.

Why Choose Nutritional Consulting?

Everyone wants to be in shape, healthy, and live a long life. These are the basic aspirations of most humans. Yet, they are hard to achieve without proper guidance. Modern society has resulted in the invention of some unique technologies, but it has also led to unhealthy foods that are loaded with processed sugars and fats being readily available.

Learn How to Combine Exercise and Healthy Eating

A nutritional consulting program is a great way to get fit quickly. By applying a strict diet to your exercise routines, you will be given all the tools you need to succeed. Whether you opt for a quick assessment or a more elongated version, a nutritional counselor works with you to develop a unique program that will teach you all the basics of nutrition, dieting, and proper exercise. Best of all, the information provided can be applied to more modern forms of exercise like natural yoga, aerial yoga, and pilates.

Eat Delicious Healthy Foods

Food tastes good and the unhealthiest foods tend to taste the best. This dangerous rule has led to a lot of broken diets and food binges. However, eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad and there are several ways that you can eat healthy and enjoy the food you are eating. When you seek the services of a nutritional consulting expert, they are responsible for helping you find the types of foods that you like to eat and combining them into your personalized fitness action plan.

Learn About Your Body

The human body is a magnificent machine, but not every body functions in the same way. Certain individuals are blessed with exceptional metabolisms, while others are not. A nutritional consulting program will teach you exactly how your body works and it will find ways for you to take advantage of your body’s strengths and to overcome its weaknesses.

Become an Expert on Nutrition

Learning proper nutrition isn’t easy. There are a lot of vital nutrients that we should consume in our diets and we often unintentionally neglect many of them. Nutritional consulting ensures that you learn about all the major vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, calcium, and fiber, and how to incorporate them into your diet. We will also focus on lesser known and still essential vitamins like B12.

Activate a Healthy Lifestyle Today

Whole Life Balance is a holistic health service that provides services that encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle. We specialize in yoga services, health services like the Myers Cocktail (I.V. Drip), nutritional consulting, and more. We are located in Santa Monica, just west of Los Angeles.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-540-5714 or by email at

Take control of your life and achieve a healthy lifestyle today!


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