Uber Is not Available in Some Countries? Try Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter

Uber, founded in 2009, has provided service of car rental in more than 220 countries. Passengers could reserve a car by sending text messages or using the App. Passengers could even trace their reserved cars by the App. However, Uber has experienced twists and turns in its road of development. Recently, it has been banned in many countries.


In India, a female passenger was raped after taking a car home by Uber. Then it is banned from service in India. In Taiwan, Uber is said to be engaged in unlicensed business operation, which is illegal. Uber drivers, unlike taxi drivers, do not have required license and insurance to carry on this activity. Even in the United States, where Uber started, it is faced with legal action and boycott by taxi drivers. 

For customers, Uber is an efficient means of reserving cars. It will not waste people’s time of waiting. Passengers could determine where and when Uber drivers pick them up. It is more efficient and convenient than waving for a taxi lift. However, the city is becoming more and more crowded and the urban roads are getting jammed quite often. Even if Uber is identified as legal, it could not solve the serious traffic problems.


The society is calling for eco and agile transport vehicles, which will not be influenced by traffic jams and meanwhile be harmless to the environment. Currently, the most well-received commuting vehicle is intelligent self-balancing scooter. As an established company, Airwheel Technology has customized a series of electric self-balancing scooters for urban dwellers, which frees daily commuters from the limit of time and space. 

Airwheel electric unicycles, which run on sidewalks, will not be disturbed by traffic jams. When Uber users are stuck in traffic jams, Airwheel riders could zip through crowds freely. When one wants to get outside, just take an Airwheel intelligent scooter. 

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