Airwheel SUV Electric Self-balancing Scooter S5 Tailored for Industrial Use

The world is swept by high-tech wind. Many industries introduce advanced technological products to improve work efficiency. Even daily commuting could be integrated with high intelligence. Since the release of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, they have been well sold world-wide. Now Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have been widely applied into different industries.

Compared with other series, Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S-series is the most extensively used. Apart from its use in commuting for work and riding for leisure, it could also be applied to police patrol and factory patrol. Some big amusement parks provide rental services of Airwheel S-series for visitors to use as a commuting vehicle. 

Airwheel S5 was recently released in 2015. It is a SUV scooter with stronger driving force than S3. S5 is fit for industrial use. Airwheel Technology enhances S5’s outdoor running capacity. The excellent off-road capability brings more enjoyable riding experience for users. It runs smoothly even on uneven roads.

To manifest the super off-road capacity, S5 is designed with a wild shape. The 16-inch wheel hub plus wider wheels enable S5 to pass through any kind of road conditions and make riding more stable. The control shaft of S5 could be folded for easier storage in car trunks. S5 is equipped with a 680 Wh battery and high-power maglev motor. The quality components guarantee longer time of riding and stronger power. An APP for S5 to be connected to smart phones is in development. Once developed, users could monitor real-time status of S5 and calibrate electric scooters

Good intelligent products could always bring comfortable experience for users. Airwheel S5, with so many advantages, is the best option for industrial use. The working staff would no longer need to walk for long distance and waste much labor if the logistics warehouses are equipped with S5. On squares, security personnel riding Airwheel S5 could concentrate more on deterrent factors, without causing any fatigue. With the company of S5, the working efficiency is highly improved. Entrepreneurs could gain more with less investment.

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