A Brand New 8Theme’s WordPress Theme for WordPress!

A new WooPress theme for WordPress was recently launched by the 8Theme company. Attractive design and a bunch of useful features can be implemented into any e-commerce website using the WordPress engine.

 8theme Ltd.

What is 8Theme

8theme.com is a London based digital marketing company specializing in web development, sales and support of customized WordPress themes.

Besides years of experience in building profitable websites with our own innovative themes, 8Theme is, foremost, a strong team of website developers, designers, expert coders who work on customers’ projects together. The team aims at building websites that work in the long run and make customers (both owners and users) satisfied.

What we offer

• Web development and eCommerce services;
• Innovative WordPress templates;
• Installation services;
• Outsourcing and peak resources;
• Full-cycle application development.

Features of 8Theme’s WooCommerce templates

Meet 8Theme’s line-up of brand new woocommerce themes. There is a number of different WooCommerce themes that can significantly improve the online image of your business.

Pick up any WooCommerce theme made by 8Theme – all of them can help you get optimal results from any eCommerce online project. With these WooCommerce themes you can:

• Get more conversions and increased traffic results;
• Have an attractive design for your corporative website;
• Improve your online project’s image and recognition;
• Focus on business efficiency by solving quickly any eCommerce-related problems;
• Satisfy your customers with a fast, appealing and easy-to-use website;
• Make you website really unique and different from competitors that are mostly using cheap and non-effective templates;
• Get an individually customized template developed and set up by 8Theme’s professional team.

Make your business work for you with awesome WordPress themes you can check here: http://www.8theme.com/wordpress-templates

Why do you need our WooPress theme

Putting an eCommerce shop online is no easier than opening an actual shop in the busiest area in town with multiple competitors who are trying to win customers from you. That is why you need to make sure to open an online retail in the most appealing way. 8Theme knows what you need and offers a professional WooPress theme that will make your project more attractive and successful among customers.

8Theme’s WooPress template offers:

• A fully customizable interior for your shop;
• Appealing tiles and wallpapers;
• The peculiar display scheme;
• Easy-to-use board and your goods/services catalogue.

With WooPress theme you get the best WordPress eCommerce that money can buy!

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