Airwheel intelligent personal transporter electric scooter can do what cars can’t do

Thanks to fast economic and technological development, private cars are playing a more and more important role in rich people’s life because of its convenience. It’s undoubted that the wide use of cars push has pushed up social productivity, thus promoting improvement of people’s life. But cars have its own advantages and disadvantages that people should understand. Compared with other vehicles, cars have a lot of problems that have emerged. And an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter can do what cars can’t do.

At first, the emission gas from cars are has a great effect on the environment. There has been solid scientific proof that shows the fact. Then, because most of the cars use gasoline as the power, it becomes a main source of carbon dioxide which will bring global warming. Besides, the fast increasing number of private cars is putting an enormous pressure on the transportation system. During the rush hours people are quite annoyed about the traffic jam. They can barely move on the street. The negative aspects of privates are also bothering people who live in cities. Now the electric scooter for adults can be of great help.

The intelligent unicycle scooter has a simple shape of a wheel. But it is a wheel that can run itself. Once the rider manages to stand on the scooter without falling, he or she then can drive it as a convenient vehicle. The scooter uses a smart self-balancing system with fuzzy logic control. It is a computer numerical control theory based on fuzzy set theory, fuzzy linguistic variable and fuzzy logic deduction which belongs to the realm of nonlinear control and intelligent control. Usually the scooter can run as fast as three times human walking. So it is a powerful help for people when they have to go a short distance trip.

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