New Process Helping Property Owners Selling in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 3, 2015 – LA Market Real Estate introduces new process in listing to sell property with zero % commission to sellers in Los Angeles.

That is about 6% saving for homeowners on the selling price that enables the sellers to price the property at much more attractive range.

In this new process, the buyers pay the fees and cost of the transaction when selecting the ideal property to purchase. In existing process, when the seller pays the buyer’s broker commission, there is a conflict of interest. As the buyer’s agent really works for the seller, and that is a disservice to the buyer. If the buyers are paying their agents, then those agents really work for them, and their interest is protected with higher standards.

Time has changed while the old process is still at work, and needs to be adjusted.

With today’s information technologies at work, buyers have great advantage with the internet as part of their tools to work with, when they chose to do so. In the past, buyers were dependent on the agents to search and find properties for them. But the majority of today’s buyers does their own search on the internet, and finds the properties that they like. Then contact the seller’s broker for more information, previews, and finally make their offer. LA Market Real Estate noticed there is a need for this reform, and offering this new process to address the required change to the old Real Estate process.

As a broker, LA Market Real Estate prepares listings and publishes it on MLS “Multiple Listing Service” and on the internet. That listing gets distributed all over the Real Estate Sites that are looking for new content for their web sites. As soon as the listings are published, interested buyers will contact the listing broker for information, and arrangement to see the properties. In most of the time when a property is listed at right price, or even a little below market price, sellers get multiple offers and the price can even go higher than what it has been listed for.

Therefore, this new process actually helps the sellers to price the properties at much more attractive range that would create multiple offers, and the interested buyers wouldn’t mind paying their broker’s commissions and other processing fees to get the property of their interest.

Ehsan Torabi “Responsible Broker for LA Market Real Estate” is an Information Systems Analyst that has worked, designed and developed financial systems for Banks, Mortgage, and Real Estate Companies since 1977. He got his Real Estate License in 1992, and is active in Real Estate and Finance in Los Angeles.

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