ChartaCares Expands Technology Enabled Healthcare Offerings with Predictive Analytics System to Lower the 400 Million Dollar Hospital Re-Admissions’s Penalty Problem

Company Also Announces Tour of Its Humanoid Pediatrics Medical Care Robot

ChartaCares, a business unit of ChartaCloud Technologies (“ChartaCloud”), today announced that it now offers a predictive analytics system designed to lower hospital re-admissions and manage preventable admissions. The system which uses advanced data analytics derived from health records is already being used to manage over 200,000 patient cases with a proven identification probability rate above 85%.

Recent U.S. government reporting identified 2,665 hospitals with cumulated financial penalties in excess of $400 million dollars caused by excessive re-admissions.

“It is also our plan to work to integrate the region’s hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and VNA home care services into a unified case manager ‘care huddling’ system called IRMS (Integrated Re-admission Management System) to secure the benefits of proactive intervention on patients and reduce the penalties to hospitals for unacceptable re-admission rates and the quality of care being managed by ACOs (Accountable care Organizations),” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, ChartaCloud.

Medical Care Robot Goes on Live Tour

The company also announced that it is scheduling a New England regional hospital and dental practice tour of its humanoid robot for pediatric medical and dental care. The robot has been clinically proven to lower the stress and pain children face with medical and dental procedures by 50%. Hospitals or dental practices wishing to schedule a tour data and time for an on-site live interactive robotic demonstration should contact ChartaCares by calling 603-580-1088.

About ChartaCares

With a focus to advance the ongoing HIPAA compliance and quality of care delivered by our customers, ChartaCares provides foundational secure IT systems, robotic assistive medical care, and advanced health care data analytics to hospitals, home care and hospice service providers, skilled nursing facilities, emergency clinics, primary care and specialty medical practices, physical therapists, behavioral health centers, and dentists. The technologies and services we provide are already in use by more than 5,000 healthcare providers across the U.S..

For any healthcare organization, small or large, ChartaCares offers a one-stop-shop for the essential IT equipment and solutions that enable: secure digital records, secure care giver communications to mobile point of care systems, remote patient monitoring, and importantly, the data access and insights for proactive healthcare delivery. Our mission is to provide the best technology so that healthcare professionals can deliver their best patient care. ChartaCares solutions represent not only the ‘best of breed’ in health care technology but are supported with a full service, ‘end-to-end’ approach to solution planning, procurement, deployment, and on-going support.

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