Tintic Standard Gold Mines announces Appointment of John V. Miller as President

OEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO – Sep 3, 2015 – The Board of Directors of Tintic Standard Gold Mines, Inc. (“Tintic”) is pleased to announce the appointment of John V. Miller as President of the Company. The Company’s shares trade on the OTC Market with symbol “TNTC.”

Mr. Miller has an extensive and successful background and work history in the oil and gas sector and in working with junior resource companies.

Mr. Miller is highly experienced at drilling and development of oil and natural gas fields, especially in the Midwest of the United States. The Board is positioning the Company to connect with new oil and gas projects that have high potential to build an extensive reserve base and near term economic cash flow to the Company. Mr. Miller, with the strong backing of the Board, intends to focus the Company on developing shallow oil and gas fields in the US that can be economically and profitably developed in the prevailing lowered oil and gas prices of today’s marketplace.

Commented John Ryan, CEO and Chairman of the Company, “We believe the current pricing environment in the energy sector is an ideal time to add projects at bargain basement pricing. Projected economic growth, both domestically and worldwide, will require a continued supply of energy. We intend to take advantage of the current dislocations in the energy sector to secure long-term oil and gas production at very good pricing. We are pleased to bring John Miller aboard to help us achieve these goals.”

In conjunction with hiring Mr. Miller the Company expects to be able to announce in due course numerous acquisitions of oil and gas working interest, leasing of acreage, and acquisition of geophysical and geological data, all of which will be drivers in growing the Company.

The Company also expects in the near future to announce plans to acquire and develop a proven technology to economically strip hydrogen sulfide gas from sour gas wells. The Company is considering plans to field test this technology which can be used to unlock a great deal of value from previously discovered natural gas wells that have been shut-in due to the high cost of stripping hydrogen sulfide from the gas. The Company, through Mr. Miller, is developing an extensive database of sour gas fields where the technology is potentially applicable.

Tintic Standard Gold Mines is a non-reporting OTC listed junior resource company with an existing precious and base metal mining project located near Niehart, Montana. The Company seeks to expand into the energy sector but will retain its mineral properties with plans for future exploration and development.

The Company intends to transition towards becoming a fully reporting Company  in order to provide more detailed project descriptions and financial clarity and transparency to its existing shareholders and potential investors.

For further information please contact:

President John Miller – (231) 313-7411
Email: johnmiller8255@gmail.com


CEO John Ryan – (843) 290-8930
Email: silver4262@yahoo.com

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