Mobile App Makes Big News Before Live in App Store

UpDog allows users to upload video reviews, as seen on Orlando’s Fox News 35
Central Florida entrepreneurs’ app UpDog empowers users to upload video reviews. The videos give consumers peace of mind by seeing others’ experiences at businesses, locations and events before they spend their time or money. The reviews provide business leaders an accurate portrayal of what customers experience, which can help them improve their operations. UpDog is the perfect blend of popular apps Vine, Instagram and Yelp.

Positioned to be the next go-to resource for local searches, UpDog was featured on Fox News 35. The segment showed the streamlined, socially connected app in action, providing viewers a sneak-peak at what to expect. Developed by Central Florida entrepreneurs Bree Goldstein and Joseph Mera, UpDog was created to deliver authentic reviews on an unbiased platform. 

UpDog’s video reviews give users the peace of mind of seeing others’ experiences before they spend their time or money. “Expressions, interactions, emotions, and sounds show a much more authentic and complete experience than an image. Therefore, users can see what a venue or organization looks like, how customers are treated, and what it feels like to be there before actually going,” stated Goldstein. 

Not only can consumers see the reviews, so can business owners and employees. Just like any other user, they can log in and respond to a review and even post their own videos. 

In addition to viewing experiences, users can view each of the comments about the reviews within the app. The reviews and comments remain unfiltered and appear in chronological order. Built on a transparent foundation, the duo behind UpDog is committed to keeping it that way. 

UpDog empowers users to check-in and review local businesses, events and locations, while engaging with business owners. Mera states, “We harnessed the power of social influence and word of mouth marketing to deliver a free platform with unlimited reviews to help keep organizations accountable.”

Although UpDog hasn’t been approved by Apple yet it’s already making headline news. As the perfect blend of popular apps Vine, Instagram and Yelp, UpDog solves the Yelp’s mysteries: why certain reviews seem to disappear while others seem to materialize out of nowhere and why some users’ posts appear while other’s are denied. 

Be among the first to know when UpDog is live and learn more about it here at the app’s website:

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