The newly launched book “Tutor in a Box” can help people find free education resources available on the internet

After launching many successful books like ‘Record store in a box’ and ‘Arcade in a box’, author Chris Mason has launched his new book ‘Tutor in a box’ to guide people in finding the best free education resources available on the internet.

The book is best suited for the children who are being educated in an alternative school setting and for the parents who are trying to find out solutions for their kid’s home work by discussing with other parents.

The educators do provide half solution by telling that all the information is available on the internet but parents and students generally don’t know where that information is and how to find that information.

To resolve the above mentioned issues, the author has released this book ‘Tutor in a box’ which is promised to be one stop solution to find where the best education resources are available on the internet. The book consists of information related to general school subjects like Mathematics, Language, Recess, Social studies, Art and Music, Science, Virtual field trips, Continuing education containing free ‘how to’ videos and college lectures, computer programs, free clipart and sound effects.

The book is currently available on SmashwordsBarnes and NobleITunes as well as Kobo for purchase. The book has also received great reviews from the users. One of the readers named Proudparent said, “Tutor in a box is perfect whether your child is in grade school, middle school, or high school. Not only does it cover all the subjects, it also does it for what grades your kids are in. This book has given you the perfect websites to go to for about the price of a gallon of gas! Leave it to a parent to develop this great idea. I guarantee you will become closer to your children when you work with them on their homework. This book might actually get your kids to start talking to you more instead of playing video games.”

In one of his interviews, the author has talked about his inspiration of writing this book. When he asked six of his child’s teachers for help in finding online resources for educational reference, he got only 3 links of educational websites from them in total. This incident led him to search extensively for the websites which provide educational information and he kept noting down the frequently used websites which ultimately led him to write the book ‘Tutor in a Box’ so that he can support other parents facing the same issue.

He also considered the fact that most of the parents did not have much idea about the internet and how to search useful information and noticed that most of the parents seemed frustrated and confused whenever they tried to search the solution to the kid’s assignments or home work. Chris Mason used his data and list he compiled for his children since last six years and converted it into a book which can lessen the burden of the parents who help their kids in completing their home works.


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