Polycrystalline diamond pcd and cbn indexable cnc inserts for precision cutting turning milling

“Swift Manufacturing Ltd has launched a new line of superior grade polycrystalline diamond pcd and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cbn indexable cnc inserts for high precision cutting, turning, and milling. These newly released polycrystalline diamond”
Polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline cbn inserts are used for precision cutting, these indexable cnc inserts are widely accpeted by automotive industry, aerospace industry, mold industry. The super-abrasives cutting tools allow faster cutting speed and longer working life time, they are more effective for turning and milling than traditional grinding.

The milling inserts provided by Swift Manufacturing Ltd can be used for face milling, plunging and reaming, slotting and square shoulder milling. These durable inserts allow cutting at higher feed rates and cutting speeds than carbide inserts, without increasing power requirements. In fact, they can accommodate cutting speeds that are at least 10 times faster than carbide inserts on cnc machines, with minimal tool wear.

Cubic boron nitride is the second hardest material after diamond so cbn inserts are the perfect choice for machining of carbon steel, steel alloys, hardened steel and all other ferrous-based metal components. The indexable cnc inserts permit continuous machining without the need to change or re-grind the turning inserts. Applications of these precision cutting inserts include roughing, semi-roughing, medium and finishing for both light and heaving machining.

Polycrystalline cbn inserts are available in solid and tipped form with either negative and positive cutting edge geometries. Solid cbn inserts permit a longer depth of cut. This is very valuable when machining square shoulders, undercuts, and during other profiling operations.

Tipped cbn inserts with multiple cutting edges are very economical, especially when the cutting tool inserts are required for one-time use. These tipped inserts offer significant cost savings over solid cbn inserts because the cubic boron nitride is placed at the tip of the insert while the rest of the insert is made of lower-cost carbide based material.

With Swift Manufacturing Ltd’s solid cbn inserts, machining times can be reduced by half and even more. This drastic reduction leads to a substantial cost savings for machining shops and companies that have an extremely high demand on their facilities. Solid cbn inserts with round, square, or hexagonal geometries have multiple cutting edges and they permit faster and more economical turning and milling operations.

Swift Manufacturing Ltd is also offering a set of polycrystalline diamond inserts that extend tool life, guarantee higher productivity and faster completion of turning and milling of non-ferrous materials. Polycrystalline diamond inserts are the most effective and efficient option for turning and milling of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys, copper, ceramic, plastic, and carbide-based materials. pcd diamond inserts have the capacity to cut at very high speeds on cnc machines. They produce an excellent surface finish without unnecessary chip build-up.

Tipped pcd inserts are also available as indexable cnc inserts. Many of this polycrystalline diamond cutting tools can now cut a cumulative length of over 100 meters without the need for re-grinding. Full faced and tipped pcd inserts are available for machining components made of aluminum in the automotive, aerospace, ship building and die and mold industries. Various geometries are available including diamond-shaped CCGA, CCGN, CCGW, DCGA, DCGA, DCGN, and DCGW inserts.

Round-shaped pcd turning and milling inserts that are available through Swift Manufacturing include: RCGA, RCGN, RCGW. Square shaped turning inserts and milling inserts like the SCGA, SCGN, SCGW are also available. To turn or mill ceramic components, machinists may order for any of the following polycrystalline diamond inserts: TNGA, TNGN, WNGA, RPGN, SPGN, TPGN, CNGA, CNGQ, CNGN, and DNGA.

For general turning of steel shafts, Swift Manufacturing Ltd provides many cubic boron nitride cbn inserts of various geometries including: diamond-shaped 80 degree turning inserts: CNMG, CNGP, CNMM, CNMA, CCMT, CCGT, CPMT, and diamond-shaped 55 degree inserts such as DNMG, DNGP, DNMG, DNMM, DNMA, DCMT, DCGT, DCMW, and DPMT. Round inserts for heavy metal cutting are also available and examples include the RNMG and RCMT inserts.

The square-shaped turning inserts supplied by Swift Manufacturing Ltd are: SNMG, SNMM, SNMA, SCMT, SCMW, SPGN, SPUN. The triangular inserts for turning and journaling of shafts also include: TNMM, TNMA, TCMT, TCGT, TCMW, TPMT, TCGR, TPMR, TPGN, TPUN, and TNMG (available in various grades for roughing, medium machining, and finishing).

All the polycrystalline diamond pcd and cubic boron nitride cbn inserts provided by Swift Manufacturing Ltd can be used with or without coolants. Various grades of all insert geometries are available for continuous or interrupted machining. Inserts are sold with a guarantee and after-sales support to ensure that the customer gets the optimum productivity and performance from the inserts.

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