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“Swift Manufacturing Ltd supply with one piece swimsuits, two piece swimwear, beachwear, bikini etc. one piece tank suit will cover most of your skin and stays securely on your body. Two piece tankinis give you the opportunity to enjoy an unmatched level o”
Wearing an attractive piece of swimwear that fits you perfectly will boost your confidence and make you look outstanding. Swift Manufacturing Ltd offers some of the most beautiful swimsuits produced with a wide variety of designs, such as one piece swimsuits, two piece swimwear, beachwear, bikini, tankini suits etc. there are various fabrics, colors and designs which will suit your body shape.

Swimming is an energizing, revitalizing and relaxing recreational activity that many love taking part in especially during the summer. It goes without saying that any woman would want to be adorned in the most flattering and comfortable swimsuits available in the market for maximum fun. The evolution of swimwear over the years has been tremendous just like all other forms of fashion. Swift manufacturing ltd offers a wide range of beachwear designs ranging from one-piece swimsuits to two-piece suits of varied coverage and cuttings.

One-piece swimwear refers to inseparable skin-tight swimsuits especially popular among women who prefer less showy beachwear. They vary in coverage and style with some having an additional built-in skirt to completely cover the upper torso. Some also have fixed or removable breast padding and underwire for extra bust support. Swift manufacturing ltd offers a number of attractive and trendy designs suitable for everyone.

Bikinis, on the other hand, are basically swimsuits that come with separate tops and bottoms, in various sexy shapes and sizes. One of the most popular tops is the triangle top also referred to as the tie top. Some come with removable or stitched in padding while others also have underwire for that added comfort. While some triangles are fixed, there are those that can be adjusted by sliding along the bottom string band to adjust. It goes without saying however that fixed triangle tops are better at staying in place compared to the adjustable types. Often, there is a decorative piece or adornment placed between the bust for an additional sexy flair. The triangle top looks amazing and is a must-have for the less busty women.

A halter top works great for bustier women as it has thicker fabric going around the neck for the much-needed support. More often than not, halter tops have an extra strip of fabric of a contrasting pattern or color underneath the bust which does a tremendous job breaking the monotony.

Nothing irritates more than having conspicuous strap marks on the skin after a refreshing tanning session. Look no further than the bandeau for the ultimate solution to this aching problem. A bandeau is basically a strapless fabric that runs around the chest and is clamped or tied at the back. It is not however recommended for vigorous engagements like beach games and water sports.

A tankini is great for individuals who desire maximum coverage without compromising on fashion. Similar to a camisole, it is great for camouflaging the tummy area while still leaving a lot to be desired.

Swimsuit bottoms come in varied sizes and desirable designs for all body shapes. Most women prefer full bottoms for example especially for vigorous activities like surfing and wakeboarding. Just as the name suggests, they cover the entire bottom and with time have assumed the name “boyshorts” due to their sharp resemblance to men’s briefs.

Brazilian cut bottoms are very popular among women who desire more sun and who are ardent at keeping up with the trends. Then there are thongs of different sexy designs for those who crave tan-line free skin as they leave much of the skin revealed leaving little chance for annoying tan lines to appear.

Among other bottoms are hipster bottoms, scoop bottoms, high waist bottoms, skirted bottoms and flattering tie side bottoms.

While selecting a one’s dream swimsuit can be an exciting adventure, it can be difficult to settle on one suitable design for an individual’s body type. Below are a few tips that can make the experience much simpler:

• Knowing one’s body shape

The four existent body types are the pear shape, the apple shape, the hourglass shape and the straight shape, each significantly different from the other. Knowing one’s shape will go a long way to helping them pick the right swimsuit.

• Proper preparedness

It is mandatory for one to conduct the necessary hair removal before embarking on finding a swimsuit failure to which indelible embarrassment may occur.

• Picking the best stores

It is recommended that one shop at boutiques that specialize in women’s swimsuits as there it is guaranteed that the experts will give the right advice and there is also a better chance at getting a variety of designs to choose from.

• Choice of color and fabric

One should choose color and fabric that accentuate one’s flattering features while downplaying the less attractive ones. Bright colors are great at highlighting one’s preferred features while solid colors hide what one doesn’t like.

Swift manufacturing ltd has the advantages for your custom made swimsuits and swimwears, and it means that we take orders from distributors and arrange for production, then for wholesale. Contact us if you are looking for special requests!


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