Peck Wildlife aims to get kids back into nature with Kickstarter campaign

Designer James Wood turns to crowdfunding for his latest project, Peck Wildlife, an educational bird feed for children and beginners

London – September 07, 2015 – Independent designer James Wood is turning to the Internet to raise funds for his latest project, Peck Wildlife, which create educational wild bird feed mixes for children and beginners. James drew inspiration from recent reports identifying how important a child’s interaction with nature is for their development, he noted,

“I’ve always found it bizarre how in the UK we stigmatise feeding wild birds as a pass-time for older generations, yet when given the opportunity, children love to feed wild animals. Alongside this it’s been shown that a child’s area of roaming freely around their home has declined by 90% since the 1970s.  Creating Peck seemed like a no-brainer, a product where a child can learn and interact with nature safely from home.”

Peck has 3 different seed mixes available as pledge rewards for the campaign, however it’s what’s in the pots that sets them apart from other feeds. Each pot contains 3 collectable cards, with 70 to collect in total and one sticker. The cards contain useful information about each bird, including location, likely places to see and eating habits. The rarer bird cards are also harder to find, relative to how each bird is in the wild.

He insists that Peck isn’t solely for children though, but anyone who wishes to feed and learn about the UK and Irelands wild birds.

The money raised through Kickstarter will help cover the projects minimum order quantities and help ‘kickstart’ the products into production. Wood has big plans for Peck Wildlife with this just being the beginning of the journey, he hopes a successful campaign could help him build the brand to develop other ideas that also encourage interaction with nature.

Peck, in addition to other products on Kickstarter marks a shift it product creation, allowing independent designers to create new products independently. “All my personal projects aim to create positive social change. The emergence of crowd-funding is great, it allows me to develop projects that have huge personal meaning.”

James Wood’s Peck Wildlife Kickstarter project runs through to October 1st, 2015. Those interested in supporting Peck can visit the project’s pitch page here:

About James Wood:

James Wood is a young, award-winning industrial designer. After an initial career designing emerging technology for the likes of LG and Nokia he started designing independently from his south London studio in 2013. Here, between client work, he develops projects that aim to evoke positive social change.

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