Daily Maintenance of CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printer and hand jet printer

Industrial Inkjet Printer is a kind of precise instrument , it is very important for maintain handheld inkjet printer. Some enterprise employee or personal users easy to ignore Industrial Inkjet printer maintenance result in handheld inkjet printer spare parts damage consequently reduce printer lifetime. so it is necessary to daily maintenance for portable inkjet printer. Shanghai YuChang industry focuses on the research and production of the printing equipment for more ten years, the following points are particularly important in use printer.

As we all know that most of the operation trouble in the machine are from the nozzle, so the machine maintenance generally refers to the maintenance of nozzle, nozzle is one of the important parts of printing machine, is also one of the most delicate parts. maintenance quality of Nozzle directly means the use effect and service life of the nozzle, how to make your equipment to bring greater profits, this is a question of everyone’s thinking. Obviously, prolonging the service life of nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs. Nozzle maintenance requirements roughly as follows:

1. Using Environment

If the handheld inkjet printer use environment is relatively poor and dusty .no matter how high sealing portable Inkjet printer, dust can easily enter into the Industrial Inkjet Printer, influence nozzle print effect, shorten the service life of the nozzle. So every day after work, to make the industrial inkjet print is placed in a clean environment, it’s better for putting in a special toolbox, or put the nozzle seal up. YuChang industrial provide Industrial Inkjet Printer is equipped with special suitcase, other industrial on-line inkjet printer is equipped with special nozzle cap. Small details, but it can save cost for the enterprise.

2. Machine and the Distance from External Things

Spray nozzle on the surface of the part can’t be with any object friction, fuzz easy to hang on the nozzle surface. Cause clogged and drop ink, thus affecting printing effect. So should be strict to licensing requirements operating equipment is also very important.

3. Do not remove at your will 

If the Industrial Inkjet Printer has operation trouble, contact professional engineers for testing maintenance should be the first time. Non-professional maintenance personnel do not free disassemble Industrial Inkjet Printer parts, avoid causing irreparable fault.

4. Ink selection

Ink quality not only directly affects the sharpness of the printing ink, but also has directly influence on the service life of the nozzle. It is best to use Laser Making Machine ink by manufacturers recommend, because the ink has strict and long-term test, the equipment of nozzle have certain security. Don’t add any material to ink.

5. Maintenance downtime

Foe Shanghai YuChang industry Industrial Inkjet Printer ALT series, correct maintenance is each handheld inkjet printer operators must be done. After using hand jet printer  please directly to turn it off and unplug the power supply, in case caused by flash jet.the internal short circuit, circuit board burn out the chip. Make handheld inkjet printer in a safe place. To turn it off before do not wash Nozzle!

6. Maintenance every day before using

For clients who use fast drying ink, some simple steps are needed to complete the routine maintenance. Because after shutdown, quickly become dry the inside of the nozzle ink and starting up when using next time, be sure to first wash with detergent spray nozzle, the nozzle ink dissolved, then squeeze a little of fresh ink, Laser Making Machine  can work normally.

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