Fosjoas V6 single wheel scooter, the Trial Report from User

After riding the Fosjoas, users may have their opinions or judgments of the electric scooter. Test report is used by users to offer their advice or assessments to the manufacturers or sellers. The following is a test report from the loyal user of Fosjoas.

The Fosjoas looks beautiful and smart at the first sight of it. The material of the body is strong enough to resist shock and is also light enough for riders to pick it up. Fosjoas V5 is made of nanotechnology which provides light, strong, waterproof and colorful material to make the body of the electric scooter. Besides, the protection pads are also attractive for users since they are of bright colours and can be changed to show the personality of riders, which caters for the appetites of most young. The appearance wins the customer loyalty at the first sight.

When running, the scooter is very stable with low noise. Since the Fosjoas V5 utilizes lithium batteries and upgraded motors which can provide strong power, low energy consumption and low noise. Besides, lithium battery also means green travel and environmentally-friendly lifestyle which becomes an increasingly popular idea nowadays. Besides, the lithium battery takes shorter time to be charged fully than the general ones. It takes only 120 minutes for Fosjoas V5 to charge fully. 

Riders are not only attracted by the self-balancing electric scooter itself, they are also attracted by the humanization design. Fosjoas V5 is equipped with support frame, so the scooter can be stopped at anywhere without the worry that it can only be knocked or stopped at home. The pedals of Fosjoas V5 are also upgraded as their contact areas are enlarged. As a result, users can stand more easily and steadily. The edge of the electric scooter is smooth in case of any scratches for riders. Those humanization designs win the praise of users as well as keep the customer loyalty effectively.

Customers are satisfied with Fosjoas V5 generally since it can meet the demands of green and free travel. The protection mechanism in case of sudden turnover or over speed also protects customers from the potential dangers, which guarantee the safety of users. 

The trial report by a loyal customer shows Fosjoas V5 is popular among customers which encourages Fosjoas to be better.

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