Airwheel intelligent personal transportation Standing scooters Was Used in 2015 World Athletics Championships

Intelligent self-balancing scooters enjoy booming sales world-wide. They have been used in various fields of work. Many companies employ the devices to improve working efficiency. In 2015 World Athletics Championships, intelligent self-balancing scooters once again emerged in the public view.

During the championships, some working staff and journalists were found riding electric self-balancing scooters around the arena. In the huge venue, it is exhausting to shuttling back and forth from different track and field matches. With the help of intelligent self-balancing scooters, it is much more convenient to capture more wonderful moments in the thrilling events. Intelligent self-balancing scooters are powered by electricity which are eco-friendly while generally, they adopt super-silent motors which will not disturb athletes in the match. They are absolutely good companies for the working staff and journalists. 

At the mention of intelligent self-balancing scooters, people could not ignore the market leader, Airwheel Technology. The company has made great efforts to promote the application of intelligent self-balancing scooters and the concept of “Travel Green, Travel Smart”. By huge investment in research and development, Airwheel Technology has produced various series of electric scooters to meet the demands of all walks of life. 

For example, the recently released SUV scooter S5 could be put into use in competitions like the World Athletics Championships. S5 is equipped with the high-quality Chen Shin tires which are tough enough to pass smoothly through any road conditions. The 680 WH battery guarantees long-time riding and riders would not worry about running out of power in the long-time working. The maximum speed of the two-wheeled scooter could reach 18 KM/h, enough to work in venues.

Airwheel Technology holds the belief that technology could change life and make life easier. The intelligent self-balancing scooter is a great success in the transportation field. It is expected to enter into more industries to assist workers. The society calls for eco and green products and Airwheel intelligent scooters will answer the call.

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