Chapters Capistrano Emphasizes Benefits of Gardening in Addiction Recovery

Gardening is a relaxing and productive way for clients in recovery to focus on healthier habits and see the rewards of their efforts, says Chapters Capistrano

There is no blanket solution for treating addiction. Each client’s situation is different and therefore a multitude of approaches are necessary to maximize outcomes. One complementary therapy that has benefitted many clients is gardening or horticulture therapy. Chapters Capistrano, an Orange Country drug and alcohol rehab center, has released a new statement to the press highlighting the positive effects of engaging in gardening for those in recovery.

“Healing from addiction can be a slow process and requires patience,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of Chapters Capistrano. “The same is true with gardening. Plants don’t grow overnight and clients must be mindful and tend to them carefully, just as they must be diligent in their own personal care.”

Through gardening, clients are able to connect with nature, reduce stress, stay active, and gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment, adds Shea. They are using their hands to create change and make a difference. In time, they begin to see the fruits of their labor – both literally and figuratively.

Rachel Remillard, a 23-year-old in recovery from heroin addiction, told the Portland Press Herald that gardening is “a daily reminder of the patience and acceptance that are keys to her recovery.” She explains, “I always wanted to control everything, but with gardening you can’t control what a living thing does. I can’t control the plants. I can’t control the weather.” The vegetables that she helps to grow and harvest go to support more than 40 food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters in her community.

“Clients become accountable for another living thing,” says Shea. “They must problem solve and figure out how to best care for the plants so that they grow and thrive. The vegetables they grow can be used as part of a healthier diet to promote their own wellbeing. In fact, we have just started a garden here at Chapters Capistrano in order to promote recovery efforts and give clients another way to get involved and try new things.”

Clients will be able to try their own hand at gardening and benefit from the wide range of rewards including having fresh vegetables, reducing stress, boosting mood, and gaining new skills. “There are many facets to an effective recovery program,” notes Shea, “and we strive to give clients the opportunity to find what works for them and create a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Also, gardening is an activity that they can continue to benefit from for the rest of their life.”


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