Throw Away the Meds and Banish the Blues NOW!

When intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan suffered depression years ago, she didn’t know that it could be cured naturally. Her work in natural healing brought her to the realization that although there is a difference between chronic depression and the short-term varieties, research has found that much of what happens in the mind and the body is the same.

The message is that under the treatment of a conventional psychiatrist, one should appreciate what he or she has to offer you, but not easily accept the idea that we are doomed to choose between only two options, drugs or downheartedness.

“Catherine Carrigan has opened the door for millions of people who suffer from depression, with a highly readable, useful book based on her own experiences with the disease. Catherine has done her research well and includes practical alternatives that everyone can explore to find what works for them. I will recommend the book to my students and clients,” says Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., President, Educational  Kinesiology  Foundation, and Co-Author, Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning

Depression is a complex disease involving virtually every organ and energy system in our body. It may be genetic. It may have been caused by a virus, as many researchers currently believe. It may begin with faulty digestion or an imbalance in the brain structures that regulate hormones and emotions. It may be caused by an inability to regulate blood sugar or to metabolize carbohydrates or protein. It may be the result of an allergic reaction. It may happen when delicate brain mechanisms are exposed to a toxic chemical. But even when it occurs as a response to a sudden stressful life event, it changes our body chemistry.

Carrigan says, “If you are known to have a psychiatric diagnosis, it will be much easier for your medical doctor to brush off your physical complaints as psychosomatic, dash off a prescription for an antidepressant and hurry off to a patient he or she  feels has a ‘real’ problem. It will take a very special health care professional to spend the time to figure out the precise factors contributing to your desolation, be they physical or emotional in nature.”

Catherine Carrigan, president of Unlimited Energy, is an expert in the fine art of personal transformation. She calls on years of experience in three main areas of expertise: fitness, nutrition and healing. 

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