Offers Big Savings on Fiber Optic Tools Kit offers fiber optic tools and tool kits for professionals engaged in different trades. The China based supplier recently started offering hugely discounted fiber optic tool kits., a wholesale and supplier of fiber optic tools, recently started offering big savings on fiber optic termination kit and other tool kits that are the trademarked by the company. The owners of the manufacturing firm claimed that a buyer can even save more than 500 USD on fiber optic termination kits and other types of tool kits available with them. They added that free worldwide DHL shipping is also part of the offer and buyers can actually get the products shipped to their home or office completely free of shipment cost.

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“We decided to include free DHL shipping to the exciting offer as we always wanted to give significant cost advantages to our users. However, we also wanted to slash down the prices of the products so that the average tradesman can easily afford them,” said a top official. fiber optic termination kit now comes with field assembly connector, breakout, cleaving and stripping tools and testers, Miller field stripper, Fiber Mark Pen, Fiber Cleaver, Optical Light Source and many other essentials that a technician would love carry to his workplace. The utility tools and testers come packaged in a hard-side container that is shock-proof. The owners underscored the fact that the tool boxes are ideal for people who work in harsh working environments.

“We know many of the technicians out there need to carry their tools so that they can carry out specific tasks and meet industry-specific challenges. Our aim from the very first day was to meet the diverse industry needs. Besides, we also wanted to keep the prices of the fiber optic tools and tool boxes so that people working independently and in the unorganized sector can easily afford the essentials for their trade. Besides, big companies can also draw significant cost advantages by buying tools and tool boxes in bulk. It is our primary aim to stay consistent with the low price and the superior quality of our technology based products”, said the owner of during a recent press conference.

About the Company offers a number of industry-grade tools and testers for professionals.

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