Solid Parents App Helps Parents Monitor their Children’s Activities

With almost 10 percent of American children targeted online each year by obscene or sexual offenders, it is more important than ever that parents closely monitor the online activities of their children.  The new Solid Parents website is a powerful tool that allows parents to view the online interactions of their children. also helps ensure optimal development for children by establishing lines of communication with teachers, doctors and other parents.

Most importantly, Solid Parents prevents your children from adding new friends who may be unsavory individuals in disguise. No new friends are allowed without parental approval. To ensure that your kids remain safe, Solid Parents sends parents a weekly report detailing their online activities.

While has already achieved success, it would like to expand its tools to mobile devices. The new iOS and Android Solid Parents app would allow parents to monitor their child’s online interactions from their own phone or tablet. If a child is using a mobile device to go online, then a geolocation feature will allow the parent to instantly know where they are.

While development for the Solid Parent App has already begun, it will take a sizable financial investment to bring it to completion. The Solid Parent team recognizes that many parents share their concern for the wellbeing of children, and is hoping that they will invest in this very promising project. Solid Parent creator Vladimir Lipatov has created a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $55,000. Financial contributors may receive a number of perks including website mentions, T-shirts, and dinner vouchers. To learn more about the Solid Parent App or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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