A New School Offers Hope of a Better Life for Children of Sierra Leone

The nation of Sierra Leone in West Africa is home to almost 6 million residents, many of whom are still trying to recover from a devastating civil war that killed almost 50,000 and made refugees of almost 2 million. More recently, Sierra Leone was shaken when an outbreak of Ebola claimed the lives of more than 1,500 and infected at least 5,300 others; the severity of this epidemic could have been lessened if more of the Sierra Leone population were able to read the instructions handed out by international aid workers. Many communities are still recovering from the aftermath of this near-fatal outbreak.

There is an ongoing humanitarian crisis in much of Sierra Leone, but there are important projects that signal progress for many of the most needy. In the Rogbomtama village, three local communities have pooled their resources and partnered with the nonprofit social enterprise Education for Hope to build a primary school. This is the first educational opportunity for these impoverished farming communities and will enable their children to obtain the skills to improve their situation.

The Three Communities Elementary School Project is already underway and has begun building a nine room school with the capacity for 160 children. Most of these children will be the first in their families to attend a school, and learn to read and write. With these most important foundational skills, students can participate in the greater business world and rise out of their impoverished circumstances. Education for Hope has already secured books to help these new students build important literacy skills.

The foundation of the Three Communities Elementary School has already been laid, but these communities are asking the international community to assist them in completing Phase II of the project, which will require $10,000 to complete. Your generous support will not only help these young, eager students break the continuing cycle of poverty, but will play an important role in strengthening and healing these communities. While donations of any size are welcome, those greater than $75 will be rewarded with memorialization on the school’s Wall of Donors.

To learn more about the Three Communities Elementary School Project or to make a donation, please visit http://bit.ly/1NdVZm3

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