How Depression Can Prevent People From Reaching Full Potential

A recent study shows that more than 350 million people have depression around the world.

Depression is when a person feels sad, hopeless and unmotivated to go throughout their day. When left untreated, depression can have very serious – and at times long-term – consequences that can affect everything and everyone in life. Luckily, depression is treatable by receiving the right help and treatment plans.  Depression comes in different stages and can amplify itself for about an hour or sometimes a longer period of time. A recent study shows that more than 350 million people have depression around the world.

Signs of Depression

• Changes in appetite or drastic weight loss/gain
• Lack of energy, feeling tired and fatigue
• Feeling worthless, hopeless, discouraged, or guilty
• Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
• Feeling restless, anxious or irritable
• Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
• Feeling unmotivated or unsure in making decisions

Can Depression Lead to Other Problems?

If left untreated, depression can easily lead to other personal conflicts throughout time. By getting help and support, you can prevent these complications:

Suicide: When depression is left alone, it can lead to having thoughts of death and suicide. At times it might seem like suicide is the only way out, the only way to get away from reality and the pain. Fortunately, this is not true. There are many different ways to treat depression and suicidal thoughts by receiving treatment and help. The thought of suicide is a sign that immediate help is needed.

Self-Injury: Another way some try to cope and deal with depression is by self-harm, bringing pain upon themselves with methods like cutting or burning. Not all people intend to seriously harm themselves with these methods, it can easily lead to serious or life-threatening injuries and sometimes, even death.

Addiction: When depression goes untreated, it tends to get worse. To alleviate symptoms, many people turn to substance use. Drugs and alcohol can only worsen symptoms rather than help, it can drastically increase the chances of getting addicted to these substances. When combining drugs and alcohol to deal with depression, it is a dangerous mix that can increase the risk for suicide and also furthering your depression.

Behavior Changes: When someone going through depression is feeling hopeless, angry or simply feeling bad about themselves, they are less motivated to take care of themselves and do not think about the consequences of their actions. At times, they can put themselves in quite risky situations such as drinking and driving.

Relationship Issues: Feeling depressed may leave you tired and drained, so it becomes difficult to be there for social events, family or friends. Depression leaves a person drained emotionally, mentally and physically, making them wanting to be left alone.

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