Feminine Cleanser Specializing Company Haudongcheon Inc. Participates in ‘Korea-China FTA business plaza’

Feminine Cleanser Company “Haudongcheon”
The market advance of female cleanser will be realized due to the participation in Chinese export skull session.

Arrange a foothold for the business network expansion for the business partner excavation and the sales.

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Haudongcheon Inc., female cleanser-specializing firm, revealed they would participate in ‘Korea-China FTA business plaza’ which is the domestic largest one-on-one Chinese export skull session jointly held by KOTRA and Korea Agricultural & Marine Food Distribution Corporation(AT) in KINTEX, Ilsan, Gyeonggido from April 27th to 28th.

Haudongcheong Inc. undergoing the sanitation permission procedure for Chinese advance plans to consider the participation in this event as a starting point for the business expansion in China.

​In addition, ‘Korea-China FTA business plaza’ is expected to act as a strategy chance making a smooth business platform at the current point of time when Haudongcheon is going to put their signature to FAT with China officially.

• 350 Chinese firms and about 1500 domestic firms participate in this event.

• Haudongcheon Inc. sees it as a place to secure the distribution network that can make the practical business and to meet various business partners.

• Korean cosmetics boom in China, which is called ‘K-beauty’ is regarded as a new export growth power. For this reason, female cleanser-specializing company Haudongcheon is also devoting all their energy to the market advance.

• Haudongcheon Inc. registered a patent on the ‘vaginitis prevention and treatment composite’ in China in 2013.

• They have steadily knocked the door to this market after that.

• They participated in ‘2015 China Gwandong International Aesthetic Fair’ held in Gwangdong Province, China in last March to introduce the female cleanser Jilgyongyi and attract Chinese buyer’s attention.

An official of Haudongcheon, Inc. said “According to the institution announcement, the export amount targeting China was 533 million 590 thousand dollars last year, which accounted for 28.4% of the whole export amount in the cosmetics field. China is the largest trade country of Korea” and revealed expectation saying “We will secure a bridgehead of market advance through this export skull session as we have made various efforts for the advance to Chinese market.”

Meanwhile, ‘Jilgyongyi’ available online and in the drug store is not the liquid or gel type but a refinery type of period-exclusive female cleanser. If women use this once before and after period, they can cleanse the pudenda and remove the odor effectively during period.

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