Three Reasons why Family Addiction Process Groups Work

Family therapy will help the family to not just focus on the addict, but also assess any damage caused by the family or the addict themselves
The closeness of the family unit can bring them together, or tear them apart.

When a family lives together, and one member falls ill, the entire family is likely to get sick. In just the same way, addiction affects all family members. Family therapy can help mend what addiction breaks.

1. Family Addiction Process Groups Heals Old Wounds

Addiction often stems from past experiences. When those experiences come from hurt brought about by family, there can sometimes be resentment between family members. In bringing the family together with a mediator, such as a trained therapist, those who hurt each other in the past have the opportunity talk their differences out and start fresh once the old wounds have been healed.

2. Family Addiction Process Groups Teaches Communication

Many problems within the family unit stem from poor communication. Feelings and expectations are frequently misunderstood, causing the members to feel great emotional disturbances including disappointment, resentment and anger. Having a family therapist teach communication techniques is essential, which when practiced, can benefit the entire family unit.

3. Family Addiction Process Groups Can Help to Prevent Relapse

Addiction is a disease, which means that once a family member has become addicted, they are ill. Addiction may really be a symptom of a bigger family problem. If the problems of the family are not discovered and treated, more family members may fall ill in other ways. Treating the addict solely will not rid them of their addiction if it came from a family issue. The entire family must be treated in order for the addict, and the rest of the family to make, and maintain a full recovery.

Health professionals trained in family therapy can help fix a broken family unit, which can help the addict in the family to recover. Recovery from an illness, like an addiction, takes the whole family functioning in a way that will help the healing process.  Family therapy will help the family to not just focus on the addict, but also assess any damage caused by the family or the addict themselves. Though some family members will have to work harder at altering their behavior than others, each member will be given something to work on, targeting their strengths to critically solve problems. This form of therapy can help the family members learn about themselves, and how their family functions which can make the entire unit function harmoniously. Through family therapy, all family members have the opportunity to benefit and get stronger as a whole.

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