Becky Pratt, CRCM Stops By Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show and Discusses Risk Management

Risk management and regulatory compliance Subject Matter Expert, Becky Pratt discusses the importance of implementing risk management practices into small and mid-sized businesses.

Chicago, IL – Financial and banking process improvement expert, Becky Pratt was recognized as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio.” The program chooses noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe and in your town to showcase for their audiences. Pratt appeared as a guest on the show to talk a little bit about her consulting firm and why risk management and process improvements are so important to the life-cycle and growth of businesses. The show aired on a Saturday evening on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity and The Dave Ramsey Show.

Pratt is a graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Business and has worked at top financial giant Wells Fargo, community banks in Iowa such as First American Bank and even worked as an examiner at the FDIC before venturing off on her own to act as a risk management consultant and compliance expert.

“I am really glad to have this opportunity to appear on Remarkable Radio,” said Pratt. “I now regularly follow the program and believe it has an incredible reach. Being able to address the importance or Risk Management for companies on the way up is important to me and I’m grateful to have this chance to do so.”

Owning a consulting firm probably wasn’t on her mind when she graduated from Iowa State. Pratt spent several years as an examiner and compliance expert, working with large and small banks to create plans that would not only protect their business but also propel the firm towards improved growth. After years of working for others she set off on her own to evangelize the risk management process.

In the interview, Pratt discussed her experience working at top financial service providers and institutions and how she took what worked at successful banks to create strategies for her current clients. She explained why risk management is not a necessary evil but a path to profitability.

As Owner of Mattan Pratt Consulting, LLC Becky has relied upon her 23 years of risk management experience, beginning with the FDIC, to educate her current clients and help them to implement successful business practices that will increase profitability, as well as buffer them from uncertainties and regulatory scrutiny. Her private industry resume reads like a laundry list of banking “who’s who”: Chief Credit Risk Officer at a top provider of services for mortgage lenders, was the Chief Risk Officer at a First American Bank, and was a VP of regulatory compliance for Wells Fargo.

“I have known Becky Pratt for approximately 9 years. As CEO, I hired Becky for a Compliance Officer position when it became clear that Becky had achieved a high level of knowledge in enterprise risk management. Within a very short time, Becky was promoted to Chief Risk Officer and had a huge impact in elevating the bank’s risk management awareness and annual assessments. Our bank was compliance oriented but with Becky’s help we progressed swiftly to an organization focused on sound enterprise risk management.”

Tom Schnurr, Past CEO of First American Bank and currently Managing Partner, Schnurr Consulting, LLC

“Having worked with Becky Pratt on two separate occasions, the first by chance and the second by choice, I can confidently say her expertise was integral to advancing both firms in an ever changing regulatory marketplace. She skillfully worked with a variety of business executives to assess their divisions, identify improvements and execute upon those solutions. For one firm specifically, Becky drove the development of our Compliance Management System, including state and federal regulatory tracking, complaint management and governance structures. Much of this work was showcased and used as a standard to which other divisions were held. Becky also structured and recruited our entire Risk and Compliance team, identifying strong candidates at all levels and coached them in continually broadening their skills and experience. Becky was respected by her peers and executive team alike as she consistently provided a knowledgeable and comprehensive approach toward risk.”
Debora Aydelotte, Past President
Altisource Origination Services.

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