Airwheel Technology Makes Development Strategy to Promote the Spreading of Intelligent mini mobility self balancing skateboards Worldwide

In the 2015 new product release conference, Airwheel Korean and Italian agents illustrated the development of intelligent self-balancing scooters in their countries and they predicted the promising future of the green product. Now, Airwheel has recruited more agents in the globe and Airwheel products enjoy booming sales. The videos of global Airwheel users showing off their wheelie skills keep flushing into Airwheel’s emails. Airwheel Technology has truly come under the global spotlight.

In Malaysia, Airwheel Technology has staged its performance in many reputed events and it has opened its dealership successfully in the country. In Uruguay, Airwheel Technology has opened another dealership which has drawn attention of the local residents. Airwheel Technology is now targeting the whole world and promoting the concept of green and low-carbon commuting. Airwheel aims to provide the most desirable and humanized service for global users who are fond of electric self-balancing scooters. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are now sold in more than 50 countries, such as the US, German, France, Italy and Korea. It occupies the market shares of over 60%.

To win the trust of more customers and become a more reputable global brand in the transportation field, Airwheel Technology strives to make innovations. With the strength of an elite team, Airwheel Technology employs new technologies, new materials and new processes to produce electric self-balancing scooters with high quality and performance. Airwheel aims to provide the most comfortable low-carbon commuting alternatives for universal customers. 

Low-carbon commuting and zero pollutants emission are what an ordinary being could do. Intelligent self-balancing scooters are till now one of the most eco-friendly transport tool. Choosing to use intelligent scooter seems to be trivial. But it is often the simplest actions that have the greatest impact. Airwheel Technology by popularizing intelligent self-balancing scooters world-wide, is also spreading a healthy and eco lifestyle.

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