It’s Never Too Late to Join in the Eco Trend of Riding Intelligent mini mobility self balancing skateboard

Intelligent self-balancing scooter, as a new low-carbon transport tool represents not only a lifestyle but also an attitude towards life. It calls for active pursuit of health-related quality of life. For those who wish to live a healthy life, it is never too late to join in the eco trend of riding intelligent self-balancing scooters.

In today’s world, with increasingly number of private cars and worsening air quality, more and more people choose to commute in a green and low-carbon way. Targeting at the current excess of CO2 emission, people need an efficient alternative to private cars. That is electric self-balancing scooter. How do intelligent self-balancing scooters achieve low-carbon effect? 

Before the invention of intelligent self-balancing scooters, people would refer to bikes as the most low-carbon transport tool. But in fact, Airwheel electric scooters are more eco-friendly than bikes. Some professors have proven in experiments that, Airwheel intelligent scooter running for 100 km emits only 25% more CO2 than people do who stand still, and it emits far less CO2 than bikes running for the same distance. The result of the experiments indicates significantly the super low-carbon performance of electric self-balancing scooters.

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter adopts a super-silent maglev motor, which is smaller and lighter than a general motor. It produces zero noise at work and reduces greatly the weight of the whole intelligent scooter. Above all, it reduces the consumption of energy. For car drivers, they spend quite a large sum of money on oil fees. But for Airwheel intelligent scooter riders, they save quite a lot of money, for the device is driven by electricity. It costs only 2 kilowatt hour running for 100 km. Besides, intelligent self-balancing scooters do not need extra maintenance. 

In the face of such an eco-friendly and economical product, there is no reason to refuse to get one. To preserve the global environment, it is everybody’s duty to join in the low-carbon commuting.

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