Riding a Fosjoas Intelligent Electric Scooter, Living a Low-carbon Life

Nowadays, low-carbon lifestyle is advocated all over the world. The greenhouse effect makes the environment on the earth become worse. Human beings, as the master of earth, of course have responsibility to protect it. Low-carbon life can be explained as the lifestyle of low energy, low consumption and low spending. And it should be done from small things. For instance, people can change a kind of green vehicle- Fosjoas intelligent electric scooters.


Fosjoas self-balancing scooters are green and safe vehicles in the new era. As the name suggests, they are driven by the clean resource, electricity. So there is no harm to the environment. Compared with private cars, Fosjoas electric scooters are much eco-friendly than them. Private cars use the four-stroke combustion cycles to convert gasoline to motion. When citizens are driving cars, they continuously release the tail gas. That is to say, they are continuously polluting the air. It is said that it emits 270 kilogram CO2 when consuming 100 litres of oil. That’s the reason why the environment in cities has become increasing serious. To improve the environment people live in, citizens should change their ways of travelling. Fosjoas self-balancing scooters are good choices for them. 

Moreover, Fosjoas has made an experiment to prove that riding Fosjoas scooters was even greener than riding bicycles. Because riding Fosjoas intelligent scooter emits less CO2. The results indicate that one who rides Airwheel electric scooter per hundred meters emits CO2 20% more than one stands still, and the amount of CO2 is less than one emits when riding bikes for the same distance.


Due to the increase of carbon dioxide on the earth, it will bring a great threat to mankind. Citizens have to take actions to realize low-carbon life. Riding a Fosjoas self-balancing scooter, citizens will be closer to low-carbon life.

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