Ultimate BookmarkR Upgrades the Software to an Entire New Level!

09 Sep, 2015 – The software needs to be updated frequently as the technology keeps advancing, says the Business head of Ultimatebookmarkr.com. He adds, “One cannot invest more time in just waiting for the site to be ranked. In a competitive world, a quick result is expected as we tend to lose customers’ in a blink of eye. The Developer of Social Bookmarking Tool ensures that constant updates takes place and the benefits are shared with the customers’. We would always love to see them at the top.”

A lot of effort goes in building a quality link. If the site attracts spam links, it will have a huge impact on the website. There are high chances that the website gets penalized. The entire efforts will go for a toss if a website fails to get quality backlinks. It is difficult to generate backlinks manually as it is time consuming and the results would take time. The user must follow the registration process and fill up the details to build the backlink. The captcha must be correctly entered for every backlink that one wants to create. This is a lengthy and tiring process. Thus, a quick solution was required. Ultimatebookmarkr has added new list system to get fresh sites regularly, considering the market demand.

When asked about the latest updates in Ultimatebookmarkr, the spokesperson says, “The latest version of Auto Bookmarking Software is more advanced and reliable. It is highly stable when compared to other versions. The scheduler algorithm is improved and task log is also made better. The users can view the task log and analyze the reason for it’s failure. This is huge feature to understand the business and plan accordingly. The application stability can be experienced by the users. The sb list system is upgraded as well. The users will definitely see the changes and the results as well as this is the most powerful update by Ultimate Bookmarkr.”

Speed is the essence of SEO industry. Higher the speed, faster is the result. Social Bookmarking Software, Ultimate BookmarkR has been coded by professionals who have worked with some big names in the industry. Their expertise can be seen by using the features of the software. Each feature is well planned and customized as per the market needs and standards. There is an improved success rate in Ultimatebookmarkr. An auto update system back-end update has also taken place. All the bookmarking accounts can be viewed and exported. The non-users’ of Ultimatebookmarkr is just a step away from success.

Looking for a solution that has all the latest features to get you the highest ranking in no time? Ultimate Bookmarkr has upgraded the software and the latest features are worth a try!

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