boosts up sales of new-age capsule hotels with classy safety features

As worthy alternatives or rather successors to traditional hotels, hostels and dormitories, the capsule beds from a reputed organization in China are making heads turn.

When finding hostel and dormitories in remote regions or overpopulated zones become a painstaking job, Peng Heng Capsule Hotel Equipment Co. Ltd. has come to the rescue with the company’s revolutionary capsule hotel beds. Chic and functional, the new bed range looks classy and is highly space-efficient. The reason why most people are all in praise of this wonderful concept is largely due to an idea of making everything available in a compact area and yet no reason to feel claustrophobic.

The hotel bed range available in horizontal and vertical forms packs in a punch with cutting-edge features. Apart from the fact that both look a tad different in terms of shape and arrangement of the items inside, the purpose is fulfilled completely. Company insiders emphasize on students like kindergarten kids, infants and toddlers who need to be admitted to crèches, youths, backpackers, army men, families and several other individuals having their characteristic purposes as primary customers. Thinking of those who need to put up in a place for a night or during emergencies, the little hotels are a welcome respite from age-old dorms and rest rooms battling with availability issues.

The reason to take a liking to these amazing hotel beds is not exactly the interior or the exterior but features loaded in it that are simply impossible to imagine being accommodated in such a packed place. Aside the utility model designs and basic as mattresses, lights or mirrors, the capsule beds will be preferred for high-grade steel structured bed, low noise sliding door having a smart IC lock, fire alarm, SOS button and electronics with low voltage and energy consumption power.

The CEO of the company who is hopeful about the new bed range said, “Our company prides in our workforce. Giving shape to such an idea was not a child’s play. But thanks to our loyalist’s support that we have been able to lend shape to a concept lying in the cans for some time. Purchasing the items will also help customers benefit with a one year warranty period and lifetime maintenance.”

About the Company has made a mark in the international forefront with the latest capsule hotel range and several other basic equipments.

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