PET CSI® launches a high-tech Pet Registration Mobile Application, Fall Of 2015

In 2009 Cedric Moses introduced Pet DNA Matching Services to Multifamily Developers, Property Managers and HOA’s across the US and he was met with overwhelming excitement in providing “A Solutions to Pet Waste Pollution”. Around that same time Cedric Moses introduced this technology to the Dallas City Council. Cedric Moses received a less than favorable reception from the City Council, they laughed at him and even made jokes however several members actually took Cedric Moses seriously. Several Council members requested more information including implementation, references, and revenue potential. Cedric Moses also received request from the Stormwater Management Department and Code Compliance Department for more information. The city of Dallas Trinity River Stormwater Department even purchased Responsible Pet Management literature from Cedric Moses to distribute to DISD students as a tool to help the younger generation become responsible pet owners.

Cedric Moses also met with City Animal Services and pet shelters to discuss how his system can help improve registration and track lost pets. However under the old pet DNA brand with BioPet & Pooprints, Cedric Moses knew along with the city council felt it would not support or work properly and hence Cedric Moses had to scrap that partnership and go back to the drawing board. Cedric Moses has since severed his ties with BioPet & Pooprints. Launched PET CSI® and is now set to introduce the 1st DNA & QR Code Identification and Registration Mobile Application scheduled to be available in the Apple Store or Google Play in early Fall of 2015. The only Patented, Certified & Accredited Pet DNA & QR Code Identification and Registration Application offering Pet Breed ID, Infectious Disease Testing, Lost and Found Tracking and City Pet Registration Assistance and so much more this new mobile app is sure to attract responsible pet owners while offering tons of cool features designed specifically for pet owners.

After meeting with all the necessary components of several city governments, state officials, property managers and pet owners, Cedric Moses took all this feedback, questions and concerns of implementing a city wide roll out and met with his partners and improved PET CSI® in a number of areas more specifically benefits for responsible pet owners and ways to improve pet code compliance laws. Through their biotechnology program they are able to license this technology to agencies that may have inventory of pets from 1 to 1 million or more pet owners. Help them improve cleanness, registration and responsibility of pet ownership.

From the feedback given PET CSI® is now the only Pet DNA & QR Code Management firm in the world that “Matches The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop” & “Turns Poop Into Profits” with a laboratory with accreditation and certifications in pet DNA profiling at the University of California located in Sacramento, California.

PET CSI® is the solution for City Government Pet Management issues.

  1. Stormwater Pet Waste Management
  2. Better Water Quality
  3. Higher Pet Registration Revenue
  4. Improved Pet Management and Registration
  5. Enforcement of Pet Waste Code Compliance Laws
  6. Increased Revenue for Pet Registration
  7. Increased Revenue in Pet Waste Enforcement

Now that PET CSI® has addressed all the issues the city council raised with municipal code compliance implementation Cedric Moses will be seeking an amendment to the current code compliance laws for pet registration and pet waste enforcement. Making it optional for pet owners to select between DNA or micro chipping since DNA is noninvasive instead of worrying about having an electronic device inside your pet. The amendment would also make it mandatory to register all pets within city limits or pets within high density areas or access to public parks. PET CSI® has already been added as an approved accredited and certified licensed veterinarian lab with several city pet registration agencies assisting them collect pet registration fees.

Since 1955 University of California one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the United States has been using the technology and has gone as far as solving several murders using pet DNA in their Veterinarian Forensic and Genetic Lab. This same laboratory is now partners with Cedric Moses and his P.E.T.CSI™ brand. During his partnership with Biopet & Pooprints Cedric Moses introduced this DNA technology to all his clients of his other innovative business eConcierge Solutions which intern as it appears he was subsequently used for his contacts by his now competitor and helped them grow their distributors across the country.

We noted no city council has or will implement their program in the US after any due diligence on BioPet & Pooprints. The firm never disclosed to Cedric Moses, his partners or any of the clients that Biopet & Pooprints had been sued by Mars for copyright patent infringement of Pet DNA analysis and for repacking there products and reselling them under the Pooprints brand and claiming they did it in their lab in Tennessee. Looks like they are up to their old tricks again making false statement and deceiving the public that they invented pet waste matching among other things. I guess it’s true what they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Cedric Moses singlehandedly is responsible for most if not all the properties from 2009 to 2013 in the US under the old DNA brand however most if not all have now started converting to PET CSI® after being made aware of the questionable business tactics of Pooprints & BioPet.

A Few of the Clients Introduced to Pet DNA Analysis by Cedric Moses & PET CSI®

Multifamily Property Management Clients

  1. Ilume Properties
  2. UAH Management
  3. Greystar Property Management
  4. Riverstone Property Management
  5. PMI Property Management
  6. Carleton Property
  7. Lincoln Property Company
  8. BH Management

Homeowners Association

  1. The House Fist Services
  2. River Oak Condominiums WorthRoss Management

Municipalities & City Government

  1. Trinity River Stormwater Dept. Dallas Texas

Looks like Cedric Moses is about to get the last laugh due to several cities in the UK have already started using DNA as a way to register pets for those that want a noninvasive method and they use the DNA technology to help control the enormous pet waste and increased population related issues. As the first Afro-American and U.S. Veteran to introduce this and invent such a useful product and service we want to wish Cedric Moses, the University of California and his PET CSI® brand good luck and much success with this cool and innovative pet owner application.

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