St Louis, Missouri Executive Protection Training Course Scheduled in Response to Local Demand

Sep 10, 2015 – Joseph M. LaSorsa, Senior Director of LaSorsa & Associates, was featured in a recent interview discussing the recent events erupting across the country and the need for protective services for at risk individuals within those areas, such as news reporters and targeted individuals.  “Providing these services at such a high level has driven us to focus on professionalism and risk mitigation in every assignment, no matter how high or low the profile of the client is. I have learned to avoid complacency and my experiences working with the best in the business has provided me with knowledge to prevail in a wide variety of situations and environments.”

LaSorsa explained the need for proactive security measures to be put in place to prevent an incident from happening versus having security in place to react to an occurrence. LaSorsa has spent a little over a decade protecting VIPs and other dignitaries as part of his duties.  He has also become a lead instructor for the firm which provides training for those who protect at risk individuals. “The need for training has never been higher; with the increase in frequency, complexity and lethality of attacks on celebrities, VIPs, executives and even news reporters, we must evolve and adapt or we fail. Our programs remain up to date with the trends and technology of today’s world to best prepare our students for the challenges they will face on assignment.” With the incidents in Ferguson, Baltimore and Virginia we are lucky to have those like LaSorsa come to these areas and assist by sharing their knowledge and expertise. 

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