Drug and alcohol addicts are faced with many challenging aspects when recovering.

There are so many damaging aspects of addiction. Many addicts suffer from self-deception that leads them to dangerous behavior. This can bring about sudden financial issues, problems in relationships, and even impacts the addict’s health.
For the person who is suffering from addiction, no matter which drug is abused, it is universally the most difficult part of recovery for the addict to admit they have a problem.

The first step, and the worst step, is the addict’s admission that there is no controlling the addiction. The addiction has control of the addict.

No person, adult or child, wants to admit that their will is so weak that a substance – a non-living thing – has taken control of their behavior, their thinking, and their dreams; however, by bringing every resource an addict has at their disposal, the vast majority of people who suffer from addiction are not able to self-manage the recovery process and find sobriety again.  There are certainly a few who can do it, perhaps using community based programs like twelve step programs, but most people require assistance on a few different levels in order to achieve recovery.  There is no shame in this.  Disentangling the mental and emotional processes from the physical addiction can take a long time, and the strongest, most bold and determined can make the most use of a substance abuse treatment program that will improve their lives and relationships beyond where they were before addiction became involved.

There are so many damaging aspects of addiction.  Many addicts suffer from self-deception that leads them to dangerous behavior.  This can bring about sudden financial issues, problems in relationships, and even impacts the addict’s health.  An addict will benefit most from a treatment program that gives ample attention to a holistic approach, helping the patient discover their mental and emotional triggers for addiction, repairing the medical health damages that drugs and alcohol can do to a human body, and giving spiritual hope to an addict who may feel extremely lost and alone in the world.  For those addicts who are depressed or suffer from anxiety or panic disorders, the fundamental escapism and lowering of inhibition that drugs and alcohol can offer are often so impactful, that thinking about life before addiction seems sad and lonelier than a life with addiction. 

The right addiction recovery program will help an addict  understand what behaviors and skills they can bring to relationships, particularly with respect to boundary development, that will help them deal with humans in a sober life, perhaps better than ever.  Gaining tools to combat addiction will give an addict what they need to be successful, and the practice developing relationships with fellow addicts and treatment professionals can mean the opportunity for success in recovery.  Patients who are fearful of legal action, or find that the financial impacts of addiction have destroyed their lives, or are dealing with family situations which have become strained, are served in any recovery program, and will be offered access to support resources to help ease the transition back into a normal life.

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