Addiction: How to Use the Power of Personal Decision in Recovery

Taking the stand to make the best decisions.
Addiction is a powerful force. It needs an even more powerful force to dismantle it. It may take more than one powerful force, but let’s talk about the power that is unleashed when an individual makes a dedicated decision to stop using drugs or alcohol. That powerful force is sometimes what is known as Personal Conviction, or Personal Decision.

Decision, as a word, is used for many different scenarios and many different outcomes. One can decide on the blue dress, or the pink shoes, or the red shirt. But we’re talking here about a kind of decision that has power in it. That power is sometimes called conviction, faith, belief, and other powerful descriptive words.

This power of decision resides in you, and you can access it as you begin this very important first step on your recovery path. The process of making the decision is up to you.  Maybe nobody ever told you that you have this power. You do.

Addiction is a real trickster

Addiction seems to strip the addicted person of the ability to stop using their drug of choice.  That is the apparent situation. However, there must be a point of reckoning that the addicted person has access to, where he or she regains decisional control over their addiction. If not, then no addict would ever have recovered. And millions of addicts have recovered. They did this using, at least in part,  the power of decision, conviction, belief in self, belief in God, faith, being true to their decision.  It is a powerful thing.  

It matters not whether you assign that power as coming from God, or from your deepest most sacred portion of you, you have enlisted that power of decision to halt the addiction.

That power is more powerful than the addiction. If you don’t believe that, go back and read that last bit again about how addiction is a trickster. Don’t be fooled anymore.  

It can be done

There may be other factors that need to be gotten out of the way, so that your own power, your own god-given power, can return to you. You may have past trauma issues to address in counselling and you may need coaching in how to deal with people who generally upset your apple cart. You may need relapse prevention training, so you can learn to be aware of your surroundings and their effects upon you so that you can use your relapse prevention tools successfully.  

In recovery there are lots of things to learn. There are lots of new skills you need to acquire and become proficient at.  You will get better at learning, at having patience with yourself and with others, there are so many great things waiting for you in your recovery program and afterward.

The First Step of the Journey

However, the beginning point of any journey is deciding where you are going to go. Don’t under estimate the power of your own conviction.  You are in the wonderful position of being able to change everything you hate about your life.  You can correct every regret (as close as humanly possible) and you can find success again.

You can be the one in control of your own life, not trapped forever in the clutches of addiction. You can throw that addiction out of the way and you will know, with personal decision as a starting point, that you can reclaim your rightful seat of power in your own life.

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