Holistic Methods to Treat Depression

Holistic cures for depression can make a positive impact on a suffering individual.
Medical research has been a wonderful source of innovative and surprisingly simple to execute holistic (drug free) remedies for depression. As many who suffer from addiction also suffer from depression, it is a wise thing to learn as many simple to do methods and strategies to begin to experience relief from this debilitating condition.

Get Enough Sleep

It may be simpler said than done, but adequate sleep is essential for a healthy body and a positive outlook.  Nothing is harder than trying to get through a day on less than adequate rest.

Here are some ways to help create a restful and adequate night’s sleep:

• Remove electronic devices from your bedroom

• Place room darkening blinds on the windows especially if they are sources of artificial light at night

• A gentle room fan can provide white noise to damp out noises like the refrigerator or furnace going on and off all night, etc

• Warm milk with honey is a trusted antidote which can encourage relaxation and sleep

• Talk to your doctor about using natural melatonin as a night time relaxant

• Use pillows which are allergen free, and properly suppport your body type and especially your neck. Speak to a chiropractor for more suggestions for comfort


• Regular exercise is proven to release feel good chemicals into the blood stream

• Take a short walk or other gentle exercise, once or twice daily

Set Small Reachable Goals

Those suffering from depression often suffer from lack of motivation. Setting small reachable goals will start the ball rolling on feeling a little better about what you accomplished that day. Start small, like sweeping the kitchen floor every second day.  Or, write one of the letters/emails you’ve been putting off for weeks. At least write one paragraph.  Set the goal, make it reachable, then do it. You’ll feel instantly a little better about your day.


• Changes in diet can be extremely beneficial Talk to your nutritionist about specific things to add or subtract from your regular diet. It can make a great deal of difference if your body is able to easily handle the fuel you give it.

• The Mediterranean diet, and adding fats to your daily intake such as those contained in avocados have been notably effective in alleviating the discomforts of depression.

St Johns Wort, Lemon Grass, Lavender,  Chamomile Tea

• These and other herbal supplements can be surprisingly refreshing and very helpful in eradicating the heavy load you feel you are carrying around with you.

• Studies done by the Pennsylvania State University showed a remarkable improvement in test scores on patients who were treated with chamomile in capsules over 8 weeks, showing a definite alleviation of not only depression, but those patients suffering from anxiety, and other discomforts as well.  

Research, Research, Research

Do some research and find what supplements and other strategies might work for you, and always seek the medical advice of your care giver to help you make the correct choices.

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