Kids in the House on National Suicide Prevention Week

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and Kids in the House is giving focus to this devastating concern in the country.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in 4,400 youth suicides every year, and for every youth suicide there are more than 100 suicide attempts.  Kids In The House sat down with experts to learn the leading causes of teen suicide and how parents can prevent it.

David Fassler, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, says that “At least 1 in 10 children thinks about suicide each year.”

Part of the problem is a misunderstanding of childhood depression.  Fassler says that it’s more prevalent than previously thought.

“Think of a high school classroom. There is probably one child in the classroom dealing with depression. By the end of High School, there may be as many as one in four kids that experienced depression,” says Fassler.

Kids in the House interviewed Pattie Mallette, New York Times Best Selling Author and mother of pop star, Justin Bieber, who shared her personal story of facing suicidal thoughts as a teenager.

“In that moment, when I was suicidal I felt hopeless,” says Mallette. “I felt unworthy and un-loveable and angry…and everything that was happening felt like it was insurmountable.”

Mallette says that the most important thing for a teenager to remember and for parents to remind any teen who is facing depression or suicidal thoughts is that no problem is the end of the world. (

“I think that if I was going to give any advice to teenagers feeling suicidal, it would be to not give up–to hold on, and to know that it can and will get better,” says Malette.

So what warning signs can we look for?  Fassler states, “What we look for in terms of warning signs are things like kids stop thinking about their future, they don’t make plans for the future, they don’t talk to people about what they’re going to do next week or next month, they might start giving away their most important possessions, they make arrangements for their pets or collections.”

Experts say that at least half of youth suicides are a result of bullying, including cyberbullying. Kids In The House interviewed children from the Los Angeles area to learn the personal effects of bullying to create an #EndBullying PSA.  The PSA sheds light on the fact that words can kill both in person and online.

“These children are so brave for speaking out and telling their personal stories of being bullied in order to help change the world,” Beyoncé posted on her personal Facebook page along with the Kids In The House #EndBullying PSA.

If you suspect that your child you know is suicidal and you want to learn more, visit

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