Leadbull adds zing to lead based marketing with its new paradigm

Mumbai – September 11, 2015 – In a market that is saturated with companies offering promises of leads aplenty with no assurance on the quality leadbull introduces a new paradigm that adds zing to lead based marketing.

The general trend of looking at total clicks to determine the success of campaign is passé. Leadbull’s new initiative works on the premise that what really matters is that the right person, who will actually buy your products or services, is reached. It involves running targeted campaign with relevant messaging that helps sales to create a more powerful dialogue with their buyers and eventually maximizes conversion.

The current trend in lead based marketing is to define a conversion by a lead performing a desired action, such as clicking on call-to-action (CTA) to download a piece of content or email campaigns that have a great open rate or people clicking on the link that was included. Leadbull’s new initiative in lead based marketing is about targeting the right people who are going to sign on the dotted line.

“At leadbull we work towards generating leads that fit your ideal Customer Profile. If someone clicks on your banner ad, you pat yourself on the back and think it’s awesome. You’ve written great copy, and maybe even had your designer make a super creative to get someone to click on that link, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re reaching the wrong people,” says Abhishek Tripathi, Business Head, Leadbull.

After studying the general practices like having a landing page packed with great content and optimized for SEO that is driving heaps of organic traffic to the website or buying leads or mining LinkedIn, or using loads of tools that help generate leads but actually don’t lead to revenue, leadbull has devised this new approach that captures consumer behavior. It doesn’t matter how many leads you get a company’s revenue does not increase every time someone fills out a form. Though some might result in a closing, there are other factors that contribute to the sale beyond a simple name and email address. That is where leadbull’s new ideal customer profiling based marketing initiative makes a huge difference. A radical approach where leadbull, instead of wasting its efforts on pouring leads, focuses on quality of the leads.

The most striking thing about this new approach to lead based marketing by leadbull is that it allows accomplishing three big things:

• A highly focused marketing strategy

• A better customer experience,

• A well-crafted platform for the sales team to act, and of course, more revenue.

To be successful in its new lead based marketing initiative leadbull takes a collaborative approach that will not only increase the effectiveness of the campaigns, but provides a huge advantage to the sales team.

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