The company ‘For Rent No Credit Check’ helps people get an apartment without a credit check, legitimately

Getting an apartment with poor credit is a great hassle in America, especially for the people who don’t know all the laws and processes to be followed to apply for renting an apartment.

The company For Rent No Credit Check can prove to be a life savior for those who have a good paying and stable job and looking for renting an apartment. As unreal as it may sound, but just after the income verification and a background check, the company can provide credit to the customer, based upon which he/she can rent an apartment.

The idea is completely legitimate as it is based on the corporate application process, under which the employer company provides a credit check, tax returns, financial and rental references. This procedure is being followed by the companies for past many years, especially for their employees belonging to another country.

As an occupant, the customers will just have to pass the background check and as a corporation For Rent No Credit Check will fill out the credit application. The company guarantees the rents to the apartments, landlords or property management companies. 

Apart from a clear background check, the client must have a full time job with gross income of $4000 or more and availability of $1200-$5000 per month for rent. The combined income of all the participants applying for the apartment is considered and it should be three times the rent of the property.

The company provides this service which they call it as ‘rental guarantee program’ in all the 50 states and cities. It charges a risk fee equal to the rent plus $250 as administrative fee for the use of credit.

The client can apply simply by filling an online application then set up a phone consultation to discuss the application after which the company provides support to find a suitable home to the client.

The occupant is provided with a list of apartments and they also have an option to choose an apartment by themselves as long as it accepts corporate leases.

The company guarantees the client to find a suitable place for them to stay once they’re done with all the application process, processing fee payment and passed all the criteria mentioned. The initial application fee of $50 to fill up the form is also refundable if the customer doesn’t use the company’s services.

The company provides a purely legitimate way to rent a place for those having bad credits and facing troubles in renting an apartment, as the client will be provided with all the legal papers for the apartment complex to be shown in office, school etc.

For Rent No Credit Check is the leading company in the country to provide rental and leasing services. With vast experience in the rental industry, deep understanding of the processes and thousands of happy customers in past 6 years, it aims to provide happy homes to the people who face difficulty in finding a place to live.


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