Scientifically Formulated Better Seeing Lense Cleaner Developers Share Alarming Stats About Prescription Glasses

Better Seeing, a well reputed brand of scientifically formulated AR-Coated lenses cleaner liquid that offers superior clean, polish and a long lasting protection on the surface. The brand aims to spread awareness among the users of prescription glasses by educating them about proper cleaning and care of their glasses and highlighting the stats that affects them. The brand’s ultimate focus is to equip people with the right knowledge and set of tools to help them see well because they realize the importance of sense of sight.

The Better Seeing spokesperson said: “Have you considered the current stat which hints that 70% of Americans have to consider wearing glasses one day? This may include you or someone you love. Cleaning you frame and the glass lenses in the right way can make a lot of difference. Most people know they should clean their glasses and screens with the right product but they don’t. People who use our products become addicted to seeing the word in a better way because the world really is a beautiful place and we do everything for you to see it.”

Presciption glasses cost a lot of time and money, they also play an important role in improving vision and helping people to see better, therefore it is essential that they take proper care of their glasses. The experts at Better Seeing advise against using cleaning substances such as a dish washing soap and a paper tissue to clean the lenses. For the best and the clearest result, it is suggested that a specialized solution such as Better Seeing Lense Cleaner which Offers Superior Cleaning Of All AR-Coated Lenses with Unique Scientifically Formulation is chosen. The solution comes with a free micro-fiber cloth that provides a streak free, efficient cleaning.

The correct and most effective method requires users to simply shake the bottle, spray the product on the surface or on the microfiber cloth which is provided free with Better Seeing Lense Cleaner, remove dirt with microfiber cloth from glass and then clean and polish with clean terry microfiber cloth. Better Seeing Lense Cleaner is highly effective for cleaning eye glass lenses, tablets, iPads, iPhones, kindle, sunglasses, camera lenses and LCD screens.

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Better Seeing is a brand of scientifically formulated AR-Coated lenses cleaner liquid. Their products were founded in California and are manufactured in USA – not imported.


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