Daniel Whitehurst is Having a Career Year in Executive Placements

11 Sep. 2015 – USA – Speaking about Executive Employers Daniel Whitehurst, the company has recently recruited a new Vice President in its recruiting department. Daniel Whitehurst has recently been appointed as the New President of the recruiting department at www.executiveemployers.com. The recruitment has been made based on the exemplary work done by Daniel in the form of an HR expert within the department itself. The appointment has been done for ensuring strategic development of recruiting assets.

Daniel Whitehurst is having a career year in executive placements putting in his all the expertise and the skills that he possesses in recruiting the best executives. The career year that he is having in executive placements is all about recruiting the best and the most efficient executives to the company. He has been given this responsibility, looking into the fine skills and the experience that he has in hand in the field of grabbing some of the most result-oriented and successful executives. Serving as the VP for Executive Employers, Daniel has good background in HR expertise, helping executives in getting the best jobs for themselves. There can be no denying the fact that it is Daniel’s qualities as an HR expert that has got him the position and the fame at Executive Employers.

Whitehurst possesses an attractive background as the VP for the company and he has beneficially used this background for helping innumerable executives in positioning themselves for job transitions. Whitehurst has also used his expertise in helping executives secure the various types of roles which will help them in accelerating the progress of their career.

Daniel Whitehurst started quite early in the field of recruitment and has been quite successful in learning the real craft of this job. During the year 2015, he has been helping executives in getting to the next stage by getting a basic understanding of what exactly the business boards are looking for when recruiting employees to serve their upper levels. He believes in helping executives match the expectations of the employers when they apply for a particular job.

Daniel has helped and even supported innumerable Fortune 500 executive placements and he is quite optimistic about the scopes for executives in placing themselves at right positions. This is because the modern era is an era of diverse work fields putting great power into the hands of the executives. In the words of Daniel Whitehurst, “Employers have easy access to important information and every employer possesses a very typical method of analyzing the qualifications and the qualities of a candidate.” Daniel has been a true gem in the recruitment arena and he is sure of performing well with his new responsibility.

Spokesperson for the company explained, “We are completely delighted that Whitehurst lives to his best practices and his appointment is emblematic of the major success that he is bent on bringing for all his clients. The recruiting department of our company will surely benefit under the influential leadership of Daniel who will definitely be putting in optimized approaches and strategies for the company’s benefit.”

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